Proposed Meeting Minutes

January 2, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag. Members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Amanda Gusek, Bob Steele and Greg Lotter were present. 

 Minutes from the December 5, 2016 meeting were motioned for approval by Lotter and seconded by Gusek. Motion carried with 5 yes.   With the fix of (New Business)  To send the request to the Road Commission.

Public Comment: Garbage pick-up was a problem. There were a lot of the side roads that didn’t get picked up. We know the back roads were icy. We are looking into it.

Ambulance:   Glenn Fox was present gave report.  No Questions

Planning Commission:   Travis was present and gave report. There were no questions.

Zoning Administrator:  Bob gave out 3 Land Divisions this month.

Blight Officer No Report

Cemetery:  Everyone has been healthy.

Assessor:  Joan wasn’t present.

Trustee: Greg asked if there is a way to have the meeting at an early time.  Meeting will still be held on the first Monday of the Month.

Supervisor:  We have had a few lots in the township and nearby. So sorry for all the family’s that’s have lost a love one.

Treasurer: reported income of $26.667.26 and expenses of $19,978.50 for a balance on hand of $233,306.27 there is $1,786.20 in the checking. There is $30,250.38 in money market account and a CD face value of $201,269.69. 

Clerk: Invoice to be paid with the AUTO EFT and checks#7623-#7645 in the amount of $23,207.12. After a brief explanation of said invoices it was motioned by Steele, seconded by Kilmer to pay bills. Motion carried with 5 yes.

New Business: Resolution for the Shay Lake Bridge.  

            The following resolution was made and moved for its adoption:

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Dayton Township Board hereby supports the Tuscola County Road Commission in their application for State and/or Federal participations in the replacement of Shays Lake Road Bridge over Sucker Creek Drain.

            Structure Number 10565

            BE IT FURTHER RESLOVED, that the Dayton Township Board, County of Tuscola, Concurs that this replacement is urgently needed. With a roll call vote, Steele yes, Lotter yes, Kilmer yes Gusek yes, and Cook yes, with 5 yes


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Steele. Motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.