Regular Meeting Minutes
January 2nd, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the flag. Members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Kaitlyn Burgess, Bob Steele and Greg Lotter were present.    

 Minutes from the December 4, 2017 meeting were motioned for approval by Bob Steele and seconded by Greg Lotter. Motion carried with 5 yes votes..      

Public Comment: Travis Klimek was present from the Planning Commission. He brought up the master plan and if the board wanted to approve it now, Bob Cook said we’d take care of it in new business.

Zoning Administrator:  Bob Cook had no report.

Cemetery: Eleanor Kilmer reported that Junior Gilmore would be buried on the 3rd.

Assessor: No report from Joan.

Trustee: Greg Lotter asked about the fire bills, I told him that my meeting with her went great, she was very helpful and gave me her card if I had any more questions. They’re in the process of getting done.

Treasurer: Eleanor Kilmer reported that the taxes are coming in good, and we still have a couple months to get more. She reported the balance on hand of 202,690.22, an income of 27,849.07, which a lot was revenue sharing that we get every other month, and she also cashed in a cd. So there was quite a bit of interest.  Expenses of 19,563.31 for a balance on hand of 210,975.98. Money market had 7418.19. CD had 161,269.69. The checking account  had 42,288.10.

Clerk: I read off the paychecks, expense reimbursement checks and bills to be paid including the one for $2500 for the master plan. Bob corrected me that the trustees had been paid last month and did not get another check this month.  We figured out that Quickbooks showed that they were last paid in September because they were written as vendor checks. Motion to pay the bills minus the trustee checks by Bob Steele and seconded by Greg Lotter.

Ambulance:  No report. 

Mayville Library:  No report.

Supervisor:   No Comments

New Business: To adopt or not adopt the township master plan. Travis Klimek was present as was most of the Planning Commission. Bob Steele motioned for it, and it was seconded by Greg Lotter. I did a role call vote, Bob Steele: yes, Greg Lotter: yes, Eleanor Kilmer: yes, Kaitlyn Burgess: yes and Bob Cook: yes. The master plan was adopted.

Public Comment: Bob Cook mentioned how he was so proud of the Planning Commission and economic development. They cleaned up a lot of issues that if left in would have been a false representation. Doug mentioned how Vicki from the Tuscola County Planning Commission had been a huge help. Some things were taken out, some added, some were edited and some changes were made. The survey was a great help to all of us. Bob Cook said he thought it went as smooth as you could ask for, that you couldn’t hold a candle to this one compared to others. Doug mentioned that he really enjoyed the history. Everyone agreed. Bob Cook said he wanted a picture for the website.

Bob Cook asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting, the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.