Regular Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Mike Mocniak, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele were present. James Satchel was absent.    

A correction was made to the December 1, 2014 minutes to read “ 4H program” in place of   “ Boy Scouts” in the commissioner’s report. The minutes were then motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Mocniak.  Motion carried with 4 yes.

​Public Comment: Richard Horsch stated that he was upset about the treatment of the Peet family by James Satchel and deferred a more formal statement until the next meeting that Mr Satchel attends. Burt Slater, co-chair of the Shay Lake association, spoke about the “  kkk” sign that was placed on property near Shay Lake last month. He stated that there has been considerable concern and dialogue regarding the sign and that the association has offered a $1500 reward for information leading to the identification of the party responsible for the sign. He said that the association is accepting donations toward this effort. The board members expressed concern about the sign and offered support in any way to the residents of Shay Lake. It was proposed that possibly the association could have a township wide meeting at the township hall in order to accommodate a potentially large amount of people. 

Commissioner: Cristine Trisch stated that the county commissioners have limited their formal work hours to 29 in order to not have to contend with the health care regulations and that they voted a raise for themselves of $2200, which she opposed.

Ambulance: Glenn Fox reported on the financial status of the ambulance service and stated that they have decided not to change the compensation and billing rates. He reported that there were 43 service calls in October and 45 in November and that there were a record number of service calls in the year 2014. He also reported that there are currently 20 volunteers.

Planning Commission: Doug Graham reported on the planning commission’s December meeting and said that their primary focus is on charting the results of the survey, of which 228 were returned. He also reported that he has been in contact with the Economic development commission(EDC) and that he was told that the EDC would finish our master plan without a charge if the February millage for the EDC was passed.  

Zoning administrator/ Blight officer: Bob Cook reported one land division in December. He reported that two blight issues were resolved informally and stated that he appreciated the cooperation level of the land owners.

Cemetery: Eleanor Kilmer reported that there were no burials last month and that the land addition transfer for the cemetery is still in progress.

Supervisor: Bob Cook reported that the townships request to have deer crossing signs placed on Hurds Corner road was denied by the county road commission due primarily to a lack of statistical evidence supporting a large number of accidents in that area.

Treasurer: Eleanor reported income of $26,050.25, and expenses of $19,515.26 for a balance on hand as of January 5 of $289,746.46. There is $5,839.50 in checking, $72,637.27 in money market account, and a CD face value of $211,269.69 .

Assessor: Joan Fackler reported that 16 personal property reports were being done in the township and that the state was reviewing the township records and procedures as pertains to property tax assessments. 

Clerk: Checks 7095-7119 in the amount of $ 22,600.44 have been written along with an auto EFT for federal tax withholding.  Steele made a motion to approve the bill payments with a second by Mocniak. Motion carried unanimously.    Mike presented an estimate of $15,427 to renovate the hall and add additional infrastructure to support having township business conducted at the hall. He also estimated that  it would cost the township a minimum of $2026 additional in utility/phone and internet costs and that there would likely be additional costs for snow plowing. The estimates were based on research of equipment/furniture/safe/mailbox costs as well as an estimate from Piche contracting. These costs do not include rerouting ductwork should that be determined to be necessary. The board took no action after receiving this information.  Mike mentioned that he had put bulletin boards up in the hall and had posted a list from Waste management of items not allowed in trash. Mike also gave the latest figures for garbage collection/cost which shows a deficit of $247.

Old business: Mr Cook read a letter of censure to James Satchel, that was drafted after the discussion about ethics at the last board meeting, with the advice of the attorney and Michigan Township association, censuring conduct, in the opinion of the board, that was inappropriate of a board member, and requesting that in the future Mr Satchel uphold ethical values as named by the Institute for Global Ethics. There was a motion by Steele, with a second by Mocniak, to approve and issue the letter to Mr Satchel. Motion carried unanimously. 

​New business: Glenn Fox was presented a certificate of appreciation for his continuing service to the township.    

Mike read increased road millage proposal language that he drafted after speaking with the township attorney, the equalization office and the county clerk’s office. It calls for a one mill increase for 4 years. After brief discussion it was motioned by Steele and seconded by Cook that the millage request be submitted for the May 5, 2015 ballot. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote. 

​BOR of review training was discussed and it was motioned by Steele and seconded by Mocniak that the BOR be sent for training to the MTA’s session in Frankenmuth on 2-18-15. Motion carried unanimously.

There was a motion for adjournment made by Steele with a second by Kilmer.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.