Bob Cook .......Supervisor; Tony Shaver …..Clerk; Eleanor Kilmer…..Treasurer;
Bob Steele…..Trustee; Greg Lotter…..Trustee


Regular Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2019

1.Call to order with pledge to the Flag-Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm

2.Minutes of Previous Meeting – Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting made by Steele, seconded by Lotter motion carried

3.Public Comment-None

4.Kingston Fire – Jeff Mallory, Chief of Kingston Fire Department, was present and reported on fire department activities and announced that they are not planning on any type of increase for the upcoming contract which will be renewed in June. Also discussed upgrading their “front line” engine. The engine that they purchased in 2003 was paid off this year. The State requires that you buy a new one every 20 years. They have 5 years left to put away some money toward a new one. Moved to priority one runs only. Jeff gave some statistics about runs that were made from their department. Numbers are down. Jeff gave an open invitation to residents to come and see what they are doing. Plan for new truck would be to build a new tanker with a large pump (1,250 gpm) to become the new “front line” engine and keep the old engine as the backup. Many grants have been taken advantage of to purchase equipment.


County Commissioner-No report     
Ambulance-Glen Fox reported on December 18 meeting and mentioned that they went over their policies
Library – Mayville- No report
Library – Kingston- No report
Planning Commission-Travis Klimek gave update on last meeting 12/17.
Zoning Administrator-0 Land Divisions, 1 Dwelling Permit, 0 Pole Barn
Blight Enforcement Officer-The problem that Bob mentioned at last month’s meeting went away.
Cemetery-1 Burial
Assessor-Joan reported that we did well on the AAMAR. The county is looking to outsource tax billing to KCI which would save over $1,000 per year. Joan would like to have the assessing change notices sent directly to KCI. They want the role by 2/3 whereas KCI doesn’t need it until the third week of February. Joan is following up on new maps as well.   
Trustees-No Report


Roads-There was a rumor that the Shay Lake bridge was sinking, that rumor is NOT TRUE. The bridge is not sinking. The wing wall is separating which is not a major issue to be fixed. Two of the walls are separating maybe 3 inches and they will be fixed in the spring. Road commission is working hard on the roads. Murray road a tube was replaced.
Board of review will be sending 5 members to train in Frankenmuth 1/31. Needs check from Tony.


Financial Report-Eleanor reported that taxes are coming in good. There are almost two months left to pay. Eleanor read financial report. There were several parcels that the County wants to transfer to us but we sent a letter to County stating that we do not want them. 


Expense Report-Tony read the expense report. Motion to pay bills made by Lotter, seconded by Steel. The Motion Carried.   

9.Unfinished Business-None

10.New Business-February Meeting will be long due to reading resolutions and discussing Waste Management Contract. Jill Reynolds will be sending us a contract from Waste Management for renewal. Do we need to bid out the contract? We must have pickup on Mondays, and we have checked around on price, Waste Management had best price. Watertown had another company $165 per resident per year. We are $130 per year. They treat us well in our township. Another company that had 2 or 3 local townships went out of business. The contract with Waste Management should be a good contract. Board discussed the need for advertising for a bid. Board consensus was we don’t need to bid out if we are happy with our contract. Board decided to wait till February meeting to decide on Waste Management. The current contract goes through 2/28.    

11.Adjourn-Motion to Adjourn by Steele, motion carried at 7:46 pm