Regular Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Stacy Phillips, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

Minutes from the September 8, 2015 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele, seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with 4 yes and 1 no – Satchel.

Rod Merten had his camera recording in the appropriate location.

   Mr. Germain questioned about the blight position and why we did not approve to re-advertise the position.  He then started questioning Eleanor, wanting to know why she did not second the motion to post this job again.

RJ Gilmore thanked Bob on the good job that was done cleaning up the park in ride at Hurds Corner Rd. He complimented how well it looked.

Leo Schafke commented about the blight job and he thought that he was a good candidate for this position.

Rod Merten questioned about the blight issues that Ralph Mock had brought to the board last month and he wanted to know what Bob was going to do about these residences.  He also questioned about the garbage contract and he wanted to know what the board was going to do about the contracted fees.

Christine Trisch was present and reported that they had a really good meeting last month, but there was not much going on at the county level.  During the summer meetings they had approved the Solid Waste Management Plan.  This plan had required approval by the DEQ, and the forms are available on the county web site under the EDC (Economic Development Commission) tab if any resident would like to read them.  They would also be available at the EDC office.

  Doug Graham was present to report that they will meet on the 19th of October and the plan is to start tallying the results of the township survey.  They hope to have the results ready at the December meeting.

 Bob reported: that he had issued 3 permits and 4 land divisions.  He also had an issue with Charter Cable Company installing lines on Thumb Electric Poles.  He had spoke with both companies to try and establish a solution to this problem.  Height clearance is lower than 16 feet.

  There were some buildings demolished last month that were a blight issue.

CEMETERY:  There will be two cremains buried this Saturday at two of the cemeteries, and some foundations that need to be installed.

TRUSTEE:  James questioned about the garbage contract and if Bob will renegotiate it.  Bob stated he would talk to them and see about the fees after the fuel has gone down so much.  Eleanor commented that the residents only pay $120 a year which is only $10 a month.

He also asked Bob about the culvert on Gifford Rd. and getting it leveled.  Bob thought that they had already worked on it, but he would talk to the road commission again.

James then asked Bob about repainting the hall, and when they were going to have it done. He also asked if the township would hire a professional painter to determine how to get the paint to stick better.  James claimed the hall looked like a blight issue and should we put new siding on it.  Bob said he would not put siding on the hall due to the fact that it is a historic building.  Bob did also state that he would have a professional painter look at it to determine what we need to do.

He then questioned what road was paved and what they did to Shay Lake Roads.  Bob commented what roads were repaired and what procedures were done.

Finally, he asked again what the residents were to do if their trees had been damaged from the road side spraying.  Bob informed them if there was a “no spray” sign present, and the trees were damaged then to contact the road commission.

SUPERVISOR:  Bob commented that the tire collection went very well and there was no problem filling the trailer.  He also informed the board and floor that there were 3 inmates working; and they not only helped with the tire collection, but they also worked in the cemetery cleaning up the wood chips. Thank you to our Sheriff and Sergeant Birtch, Bob and Marlene Hunter for arranging and picking up the inmates that morning.

Bob also stated that Hunter's own the property on the corner of Hurds Corner Rd. and Shay Lake Rd. and will remove the Cedar tree and also possibly the Maple tree.

He also commented that when Shay Lakes Roads were being worked on Michelle from the road commission was present to make sure the job was performed accurately.  Bob stated that it went well.

Finally, Bob informed the board and floor of the roads that will be getting repair work performed, which are Plain Rd. and Phelps Lake Rd.

TREASURER:  There was an income of $228.85 and expenses of $20,196.47.  The total amounts in the accounts are as follows:  Checking $6,546.98, MM $82,264.85, and CD’s face value $211,269.69 with a total on hand of $300,081.52.

CLERK:  Invoices to be paid are #7301-#7317 including the AUTO EFT in the amount of $19,623.31 and after a brief explanation Steele motioned to pay these said invoices, seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried.

ASSESSOR:  Joan was present and commented that the Principal Residency Exemption Form has to be turned into the Township by June 1st or November 1st in order to be processed and filed with the county.  She also remarked that if a resident needs to do so they have to be turned into the township by November 1st.

NEW BUSINESS:  There was a PA 116 received from Ken Schmandt for the Schmandt Farms LLC located in section 34.   The PA 116 program is designed to preserve the agricultural land and also gives these farmers a small tax break. With no other discussion it was motioned by Steele to approve this PA 116, seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with 5 yes. 

At this time Rick Seidler offered his free snow plowing service to the township.  It was motioned by Steele to accept Ricks offer, seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Finally there was a motion for adjournment at 8:31 p.m. made by Steele.