Regular Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Mike Mocniak, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

Minutes from the Sept 2, 2014 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Public Comment:  Glenn Fox commented on how nice the cemeteries look. RJ Gilmore commented on the unkempt look of the carpool lot at 46 and Hurds Corner Rd.  Bob Cook stated that he has asked the road commission to clean it up and that he will ask them again. A resident asked commented about the condition of the roadside at the intersection of Maple Grove and Phelps Lake roads. Bob C commented that the condition exists mainly because of the continuing wet conditions and nothing can be done until the ground dries out. RJ Gilmore asked when absentee ballots will be sent out. Mike M stated that he must complete several on-line courses and in person courses in Lansing before he is certified to access the state voter files. The last training session is scheduled for 10-8 and as soon as he passes the tests he will be able to process the absentee ballot requests. He estimated that they would be sent out early next week. Janett Meyers commented that she continues to be harassed by Mr Satchel and asked for his resignation from the board. Mr Satchel stated that he has been in contact with the prosecutor, state police, and county sheriff’s department regarding harassment that he is getting from Janett. Bob C stated that this is no longer township business and that the involved parties should contact the local law enforcement agencies. Bob Adams submitted copies of a survey that he did comparing the Dayton township board and Vassar board compensation and responsibilities and township facilities. Rod Merten asked about the status of the blight at the Jack Peet property and Bob stated that he has proceeded with notices and that the owner still has time to clean it up according to the guidelines in the blight ordinance. Henry Harris stated that he consented at the last board meeting to help coordinate painting the township, but that he felt that he had been left out of the communications about painting the township hall. Bob Cook explained that he consulted with Mike Flannigan, professional painter, about the possibility of still painting the hall this fall but because of the shorter days and wet weather it would not get done this fall. Mr Cook apologized and admitted that he should have consulted with Henry.

Commissioner: Christine Trisch reported that the installation of security systems at the jail and treasurer’s office are proceeding well. She also reported that the county is supposed to get 100% of state funding and that the county budget meeting is coming up soon , but no date has yet been set. Christine also reported that the medical care facility millage is expiring and will not be renewed so taxpayers will see a decrease on their tax bills from this change. Mosquito abatement services were mentioned and the efficiency of the department has led to a considerable budget surplus. She also reported that Tuscola county has the lowest general millage of any county but one of the higher special assessment millage levels.

Planning Commission:  Bob C reported that the next planning commission meeting is scheduled for 10/20 and it will be a work session to prepare the surveys for mailing.

Zoning Administrator: Bob issued 3 demo permits and one building permit last month. One of the sites had swarms of bees and Bob has located someone in the Dryden area who is supposed to come on 10-7-14 to remove the bees.

Cemetery: Marvin Lambert’s cremains were interred and the orientation of the Paul Phelps plot was checked by Ron Gromak.

Trustee: James Satchel submitted a copy of a zoning administrator report from Vassar township and also a chart showing the various positions/duties of Bob Cook. He stated that he feels there is a conflict of interest in Bob holding so many positions in the township and feels that Bob should relinquish duties in 5 of these positions.

Supervisor: Bob reported that there have been a number of car/deer accidents on Hurds Corner Rd and recommended that we have 2 deer crossing signs put up in the most vulnerable areas. There was then a motion by Steele and a second by Satchel to have the deer signs put up. The motion carried unanimously. Discussion also ensued regarding the need for advance warning signs at some of the stop sign locations. Bob explained that we don’t have the option to install them wherever we want depending on the location of the stop signs. The county road commission has to be consulted before signs can by installed. Bob mentioned that we have received communication regarding road striping on Treasurer and Mayville roads. The cost is approximately $2000 for 4 ¾ miles of striping. There was a motion by Steele and a second by Satchel that we approve the road striping. Motion carried unanimously. There was extensive discussion regarding the snow plowing at the township hall. Bob Cook stated that he wanted to appoint Travis Klimek to do the job. Rick Seidler stated that he would continue to plow the snow free of charge. The chief concern that Bob Cook had was that Rick had plowed a considerable amount of aggregate off of the parking lot and that Bob had to come with his equipment to redistribute the aggregate. Rick stated that it was difficult to not plow some of the aggregate when the ground is soft. It was eventually decided that Mr. Seidler should continue to do the snow plowing.  

Treasurer: Eleanor stated that most tax bills have been paid and the unpaid bills accrued interest of 1% per month until paid. Income last month was $400.47. Expenses were $22,496.97. Checking balance is $6736.05. Money Market balance is $80,190.06. CD face value is $211,269.69. Balance on hand as of 10-06-14 is $298,195.80.

Clerk: Checks 7038-7058 in the amount of $23,315.71 have been written.  Mr Satchel requested that expense receipts be available for review at subsequent meetings. Motion by Steele and second by Eleanor to pay the bills. Motion carried unanimously.

Mike stated that “normal business hours” for officers are 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for the purposes of receiving and mailing time sensitive documents/information/requests. He also stated that it is the general policy of the board officers to accommodate special requests but that the personal lives of the board members need to be respected also.

Mike reviewed the ballot language mistake which was written as a road funding renewal request and not for additional millage. It was too late to change the ballot language and the only reasonable action that the board can take is to 1) acknowledge the erroneous language and 2) accept the current language and vote results, meaning a majority yes vote will extend the current road millage through 2018 and a majority no vote will mean the current road millage will expire in 2016. A motion was made by Steele supporting language 1, seconded by Satchel. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Steele supporting language 2 made, seconded by Satchel. Motion carried unanimously. Mike presented a PA 116 request from Anthony and Laura Shaver for property located on Mayville Rd. Motion by Steele and second by Eleanor to approve the request. Motion carried unanimously.

 There was a motion to adjourn at 9:26 p.m.