Regular Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Mike Mocniak, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

Minutes from the Oct 6, 2014 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Public Comment:  Bob Cook reminded attendees that there was a time limit of two minutes per person. He also stated that the hall had to be prepared for the next day’s election after the meeting. Greg Chorba asked why he had been contacted by the police regarding an alleged  public disturbance incident that reportedly happened after the October meeting, and asked what he remembered seeing after the meeting. Bob Cook stated that there was a complaint filed regarding an incident that supposedly happened at the hall, and the police were attempting to get statements from persons who had attended the meeting. Bob also stated that more information about this would be discussed at the December meeting. Rod Merten presented the board copies of research that he has done regarding the increased cost of garbage collection in the township. He asked that the board consider ways to keep the cost of garbage collection increases in line with the cost of living increase.

Commissioner: Commissioner Trisch had conveyed to Supervisor Cook her regrets that she would not be available to attend this month’s meeting.

Ambulance: Glenn Fox reported that the ambulance service recently held elections and all the officers remain the same. The ambulance board meetings will continue to be held on the second Tuesday every other month. A Christmas party is being planned for the ambulance service. He reported the income/expenditures for August and September. He also stated that there have been 398 calls so far this year through September.

Mayville Library: Gail Cook reported that the library has an improved website and that several computer classes will be offered by the library in upcoming months. She also stated that December 2 is Crafts Day at the library.

Planning Commission:  Mr. Graham stated that the surveys have been sent out and that the planning commission would begin to compile the results at the next planning commission meeting.

Zoning administrator/ Blight officer: Bob issued a new home permit on Cat Lake, a permit for a grain bin, and a pole barn permit. He has also done the cemetery land division and he stated that the closing on the purchased addition to the cemetery will happen soon. He has dealt with 9 blight issues this year which equals the total amount that he did in 2013.

Cemetery: Junior Gilmore contacted Eleanor the possibility of a plot at the cemetery for his grandson, Michael, who was recently killed in a truck accident. Dorothy Marlow’s cremains are to be buried.

Trustee: James Satchel stated that he felt that Rod Merten’s request for controls on the increasing cost of garbage collection be a priority for the board.
Supervisor: Supervisor Cook had no specific items to report as supervisor.

Treasurer: Eleanor reported income of $26,850.00, most of that revenue sharing, and expenses of $22,315.71, for a balance on hand as of November 3 of $302,730.09. There is $11,215.34 in checking, $80,245.06 in money market account, and a CD face value of $211,268.69.

Clerk: Checks 7059-7074 in the amount of $17,977.66 have been written along with an auto EFT for federal tax withholding.  Mr Satchel requested to see the expense receipts.  Mr Steele made a motion to approve the bill payments with a second by Eleanor. Motion carried unanimously. Mike then stated that elections were to be held at the township hall on November 4th and encouraged everyone to get out and vote.

There was a motion for adjournment made by Mr Steele and a second by Eleanor. Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 pm.