Proposed Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2020

Supervisor-Bob Cook                                                         Trustee-Greg Lotter

Treasurer-Eleanor Kilmer                                                  Trustee-Bob Steele

Clerk-Tony Shaver

1.Call to order with pledge to the Flag-Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

2.Minutes of Previous Meeting – Motion to approve minutes for previous meeting made by Steele, seconded by Lotter, motion carried.

3.Public Comment – Nancy Shaver asked if we could get electrical plugs on the south side wall inside the township hall to help with election equipment. Bob Cook responded that we have not needed them in the past but we can look at it.

Glen Fox commented that Lee Hill road looks good and it looks like it should hold up

Travis Klimek stated that the parking lot looks good. Goose Dirt works delivered 51 ton of 21AA and spread it out for the township

Cat Lake Association president thanked the board for the advice provided to them last meeting, that it was helpful-they are ordering new signs for no trespassing, they received the zoning ordinances from the township but there were no maps included, Bob Cook stated that we no longer include maps in the book because it just causes more questions-a map can be provided upon request for a small fee, Bob encouraged them to come to the planning commission meeting to become more informed in the process

Tim from 4137 Lakeview, in the cat lake association, raised a concern that the property being used for the business is not agricultural, there was a discussion as to what section was residential and agricultural, Bob will go as a citizen to visit with the people as a courtesy. Setbacks for township are 40’ where right to farm is 200’. Travis confirmed that it is 1 parcel. Greg Lotter concluded that the depth of a normal lot would apply to this property as residential and anything beyond that would be agricultural. Cat Lake President mentioned that the right to farm has not sent reports yet but township would be receiving one. Bob Cook said that the township cannot enforce anything in this situation. Set backs beyond 40’ would be enforced by right to farm act, anything within the association would be enforced by the association.  


County Commissioner-No Report
Ambulance-Glen Fox reported on annual meeting in October as well as regular meeting
Library – No Report
Planning Commission-Researching the Cat Lake issue, approved section 16-18 as blank
Zoning Administrator-2 permits issued 2 zoning books issued, there was a request for a pole building on Mayville road that was ready to go but before the drawings came in the people said they had licenses for recreational marijuana from the state. Bob Cook took Bob Steele and Glen Fox as witnesses and gave them our ordinances that explained that we do not allow recreational in Dayton. The people were ok with the response.
Blight Enforcement Officer-No Report
Cemetery-Cremains at East Dayton, there was a question why it is dug up. Should be finished next month
Assessor-No Report
Trustees-Greg Lotter questioned why the meeting minutes are not updated on the website, Bob Cook will look into it.    


Roads-No Report


Financial Report- Eleanor read financial report. Assets are currently $232,922.10.


Expense Report-Tony Shaver read the expense report totaling $25,927.25. Motion to pay bills made by Steele, seconded by Lotter. The Motion Carried.
Election in person tomorrow-We currently have issued over 450 AV ballots and have almost 400 returned already

8.Unfinished Business-None

9.New Business-None

10.Adjourn-Motion to Adjourn by Steele, motion carried at 7:50PM