​Dayton Township
Planning Commission Minutes
December 16, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by Chairman Travis Klimek.

Present were Bob Steele, Doug Graham, Ernie Coleman, Nancy Shaver and Travis Klimek. Absent were Hilary Slusher and Chris Yens.

A motion to elect Nancy Shaver for Secretary Pro Temp was moved by Bob Steele and seconded by Doug Graham. With all in favor, Motion was carried.

Minutes from October 21, 2019 was handed out and a motioned for approval was moved by Ernie Coleman, seconded by Bob Steele. With all in favor, Motion carried.

Public Comment: None

Zoning Administrator: No permits issued.

New Business: none

Ongoing Business: Travis contacted Cody Horton the Tuscola County GIS Coordinator. It would cost $15 per print for the Zoning Map (40” X 30”). The map would include the color coded key which will show all the different zoning throughout the township. Road names, Parcel ID numbers, names, etc. could be added to a larger map. Cody is willing to give us a digital copy at no charge but did mention that we would need GIS software or image processing software to make changes to it but there are free options available online. We decided there is money in our budget for the map.

          Motioned to order 40” X 30” Zoning Map with roads, drains, lakes, and sections marked, along with plexiglass to protect the map from damage, was moved by Bob Steele and seconded by Doug Graham. Roll call vote: Bob Steele-Yes Doug Graham-Yes Ernie Coleman-Yes Nancy Shaver-Yes Travis Klimek-Yes   Motion carried.

          Article 10 – Travis pointed out the pages are numbered incorrectly. They need to be corrected to start out with 10-1 to match the table of contents. (Currently start out with 10-3) Doug questioned about the Auto Repair Shop permits. They are correct. Nancy pointed out the “1”s in the Communication Towers section. Bob Cook clarified that this is an error.

          Motion to accept Article 10 with the corrections made by Nancy Shaver and seconded by Bob Steele. With all in favor the motion carried.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be February 17, 2019.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ernie Coleman and seconded by Bob Steele at 8:26pm. With all in favor, Motion carried.


Minutes taken by Nancy Shaver.​​