Proposed Meeting Minutes
March 5, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. with the pledge to the flag. Members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Kaitlyn Burgess, Bob Steele and Greg Lotter were present.     

 Minutes from the February 5, 2018 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Lotter. Motion carried with 5 yes votes.       

Public Comment: Burt Slater wondered about the Shay Lake bridge construction starting and ending dates and how long it would take. The starting date has yet to be determined, but it will take about 8 weeks to complete. Burt also asked about a recommended detour and gave an example on the west side, but Bob Cook said that the detour mentioned probably won’t work, and that he would get the information to him soon.

Tim Wingert was present to discuss possible liquor sales on Sundays. He gave information such as Tuscola County is one of three counties in the state that does not allow liquor sales on Sundays, and as a result, we are losing money and business. The other two counties are on the west side of the state. This law has been in effect since 1994. He stated that they are starting petitions hopefully by the end of the month, and wants to be on the ballot for the August primary. Bob Cook asked how many signatures were needed, and Tim said we need 8% of the Tuscola County population, which is about 1,400, however he strongly recommends that we get double that amount, so about 2,800-3,000 signatures. He wants us to be on a level playing field.

County Commissioner: Mr. Vaughn was present. He recently got back from Florida, so was still working on things, but said he would have a report soon. He also mentioned that if a person signs the liquor petition but they are not a registered voter, they will throw that vote out.

Ambulance:  Glen Fox was present, and sad they had their meeting February 13. Everyone was present. They approved the minutes from the December 12 meeting, and also the financial reports from December and January. He said they have six new volunteers, but they could always use more. They reviewed the year-end reports, and also sent out the township & village contracts, and they’re basically the same as they have been for many years. The audit took place March 2, and they should get the results by April. They are donating $250.00 to the Sunflower Festival, which will take place July 19-22nd. The Mayville Firefighters Association is having a tractor pull June 23, and the ambulance service is donating to them also. In December they were dispatched 60 times. For the year they were dispatched 676 times. They transported 603, which is a new record. The old record was 586. They were dispatched 39 times this January. Last January it was 44. Last year the village of Mayville had 139 runs. Fremont Township had 146. Dayton Township had 133. Rich had 1. Watertown Township had 126, and other areas had 38. Travis Klimek asked if the trend is steadily going up in the number of runs each year, and Glen said yes.

Mayville Library:  Gail Cook was present, she said their last meeting was on February 13, and they had a class of 12 for the quilt club, and whatever they make will be displayed at the quilt show, which she does not yet have a date for. They have a Lego group that meets each Saturday. They have hired a new worker. The library is in need of new tables, and donation money will be used to purchase them. It was moved by Karen and seconded by Cecilia. The $2100 unused from the grant will be used to purchase books.

Planning Commission: Travis Klimek was present. Their last meeting was February 19, and everyone was present. They had 2 land divisions. They decided to start their 5 year review of zoning ordinances soon. For new business they did the new budget, and the only thing that changed was operating supplies which came down to $2000.00 because of the cost to have the master plan done. Wages are $8000.00. Education and training is $1500.00. Contracting services: $4000.00. Publications:$ 5000.00. This brought the total to $18,000.00 for the year. Chris Yens made the motion to approve. Their next meeting will be April 16.

Zoning Administrator:  Bob Cook issued 1 permit for a shed this past month.

Blight Officer:  Bob Cook said that since we’ve been so busy with end of the fiscal year, he will be taking on the blight once things calm down a little bit.

Cemetery:  Eleanor reported that there was 1 cremains burial of Rick Nicol. She saw Keith Fritz, and he said if we wanted him to, he would clear that one acre of land for a good price.

 Assessor:  Joan was present. Bob Cook wanted to apologize saying that they had 32 permits, which is 9 more than they have ever written. They have also had 5 more land divisions than they have ever written, so they were very busy this past year.

Trustee: Nothing new.

Board of Review: Doug Graham was present, and said that they went to the training. Most everything was still the same as 2017, just a couple of new things. Overall it was a good seminar.

Treasurer: Eleanor Kilmer said she was done collecting taxes, but hasn’t settled with the county yet. She said we have to watch the mail for post marks. Eleanor said we will settle with her very soon. The balance February 5 was $254,312.30, the reported income of $26,174.46 and expenses of $58,144.82 for a balance on hand as of March 5 of  $222,341.94. The checking had $53,653.46, the money market account had $7,418.79 and the CD face value of $161,269.69.    

Clerk: Invoices to be paid with the AUTO EFT and checks#7924-7974 in the amount of $26,648.30 plus the checks that were typed after the Paid Invoices report was printed. Those included Waste Management for $12,267.01, the Road Commission for $21,217.10, DTE for $ 175.91 and Abbey & Abbey for $258.00. Check 7950 was voided due to a mistake.   After a brief explanation of said invoices it was motioned by Lotter, seconded by Steele to pay bills. Motion carried with 5 yes votes. Eleanor noticed that Carol Friday’s name wasn’t on the list of paid invoices for deputy treasurer, so Greg Lotter motioned and it was seconded by Bob Steele.

Unfinished business: The raffle ticket sales by Brad were discussed at last month’s meeting, and he did follow through on getting us a notarized letter of intent. Bob Cook read it out loud. Greg Lotter motioned to approve, and Eleanor Kilmer seconded. Motion carried with 5 yes votes. Bob Cook mentioned that we would finish filling it out at the end of the meeting and thanked Brad.

New Business: Next were resolutions, the first being to change the organizational meeting from the 5th to the 6th of March. Bob Steele moved to support, and it was seconded by Greg Lotter. I, Kaitlyn Burgess did a roll call vote, and got 5 yes votes. The next resolution was for poverty exemption. Bob explained that we do 1& ½ times the federal guidelines to help people out. Eleanor Kilmer moved, and Bob Steele supported.  The motion carried and I, (Kaitlyn), did another roll call vote and received 5 yes votes. Up next was King & King for the every other year audit, which costs $2,150.00. Greg Lotter  moved, and it was seconded by Eleanor Kilmer. The motion carried and I, (Kaitlyn), did a roll call vote and received 5 yes votes. Next was the Opperman Library contract, which is $400.00. We voted on it this meeting, and would pay next month with the new budget.  Bob Steele motioned and it was seconded by Eleanor Kilmer. The motion carried and I, (Kaitlyn), did a roll call vote and received 5 yes votes. Next was the Village of Mayville Fire Contract. They wanted 3%, Bob Cook said he wanted 1&1/2. They settled at 2% and sent us a signed contract. Bob Cook read some of the contract. Robert Hiiter was present and commented that this was the first time he heard that we did not have all of the information we needed to bill residents, and said that he had information for me tonight to bill the remaining residents. Bob Cook asked Robert what he thought about paragraph 2, which explained that for $250.00, the village of Mayville would bill residents instead of us having to. Robert said that all of the surrounding townships have paid to have the village of Mayville do the billing. Greg Lotter was concerned if we would still be liable even if we did pay the $250.00, and Robert said he believed we shouldn’t have to worry, but Bob Cook said we would add to the wording of the contract and say that the village of Mayville would then be responsible for the billing and collection of vehicle fires, and not hold Dayton township responsible in any way for the collection or payment of vehicle fires. It was motioned by Bob Steele and seconded by Eleanor Kilmer. The motion carried, and a roll call vote received 5 yes votes. Greg Lotter said this is pending their approval, and Bob Cook agreed.

Gary Glenn was present, and is running for state senate. He passed out some informational pamphlets, and asked if we had any questions. No one had any questions.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Steele, motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.