APRIL 17, 2017

Meeting called to order by Chairman Travis Klimek at 7:1Opm.

Present were Ralph Mock, Chris Yens, Hilary Slusher, Doug Graham, Bob Steele, and Travis Klimek.

Minutes from February 20, 2017 were read. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Chris Yens, seconded by Bob Steele.

PUBLIC  COMMENT:  No public comment.

OLD BUSINESS: Vicky Sherry, from the EDC,  was at the meeting to go over The Master Plan rough draft that she had drawn up. The Board is still reviewing the draft and if anything needs to be added or changed they need to contact Travis or Vicky. She will be back at the next meeting with the revised draft.

The solar ordinance was presented to the Dayton Township Board and was accepted. It is now a part of our Zoning Ordinance.

Amanda Gusek was present to swear in Chris Yens and Hilary Slusher.

NEW BUSINESS: When the time comes to review our ordinances the Board would like to look into the foundation that is used for solar panels and make sure it is included in the removal of the debris.

Planning Commission Meetings will be starting at 7:00pm.

ZONING ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT: Bob Cook was absent but Travis informed us that 2 pole barn permits had been issued.

Bob Steele made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Hilary Slusher. Meeting adjourned at 7:53pm.