Regular Meeting Minutes
April 6, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Mike Mocniak, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

Minutes from the March 2, 2015 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and supported by Kilmer.  Motion passed with 5 yes votes.

Public Comment:  Bobette Sullivan commented that she has lived in the township for 8 years, that it is a great place to live, but that the bickering and backstabbing that is going on needs to stop. Bob Adams commented that he hoped the state road millage on the ballot does not have a negative effect on our local road millage and questioned if anything was going to be done to advertise our millage. Bob Cook stated that he will be putting information on the website and in the newspaper.

Commissioner: No report.

Ambulance: No report.

Mayville Library: No report.

Planning Commission: Doug Graham stated that the planning commission would be meeting this month to continue compiling survey results. Doug will be contacting the EDC to proceed with developing the master plan. The quoted rate for doing this is $5,000 according to Doug’s communication with them.

Zoning administrator/ Blight officer: Bob Cook reported issuing one zoning permit for a pole barn.  He also stated that the blighted properties that he is dealing with are progressing well except for one which he may have to deal with more formally.

Cemetery: Eleanor Kilmer reported that there are two cremains waiting to be buried until the frost is out of the ground. She read a letter that she received from Ron Gromak stating that he will no longer be available to do openings/closings as of July 1. He told Eleanor in a recent conversation that the man who is his backup for openings may be willing to take over the duties.

Trustee: No report.

Supervisor: Bob reported that he received confirmation from the road commission that they will be supporting road projects as before with $25,000 as well as $2500 for road maintenance items, which will help a lot with our road projects. He also stated that we should have an updated resolution requesting Shay Lake bridge work. Mike Mocniak reported that he had found some information regarding grant money available from the state for local bridge projects. Bob Cook will contact the county road commission to find out if they are aware of these grants, and if they would assist us in applying for a Shay Lake bridge grant.

    Bob also stated that he has received agreements for work on South, Helen and Sunset roads and expects to receive contracts soon for Center and North roads. Bob requested that residents who would like to know what road projects are planned for this year should look at the website or come to the board meetings, as the information in the newspaper may not accurately describe the road projects.

    Bob stated that the contract with Jeff Bailey for cemetery mowing has been renewed at the same rate. Mr Satchel asked if proof of insurance has been provided. Mike stated that he has received an updated statement.

Treasurer: Eleanor reported income of $62.04, for a balance on hand of $224,189.96. There is $10,269.54 in checking, $2650.73 in money market account, and a CD face value of $211,269.69.

Clerk: Checks in the amount of $46,693.76 have been written since the last meeting. Steele  made a motion to approve the bill payments with a second by Mocniak. Motion carried unanimously. Mike reported that he has sent out 114 absent voter ballot applications. He posted a sample copy of the ballot in the township hall.

    Mike also reported that there have been 5 inquiries regarding the planning commission vacancy however no formal applications  have been received. The board set a date of April 27 as the last day to accept applications.

Unfinished business: Mike asked permission to read a letter that he wrote as a follow-up to the censure letter that the board issued to Mr Satchel. He explained that it was not another censure, just a letter written as a courtesy to Mr Satchel to explain in detail why the censure letter was issued, as Mr Satchel has indicated that he did not understand the reason for the censure letter. After reading the letter Mike suggested that the board formally issue the explanation letter to Mr Satchel if they agreed with its contents. There was a motion by Steele with a second by Mocniak to issue the letter. The motion passed 4-1 by roll call vote with Satchel dissenting. Mr Satchel objected to the letter, stating that he felt that the letter should have been presented by the supervisor, Mr Cook.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 pm.