Regular Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Mike Mocniak, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

The following corrections were made to the minutes from the April 6 meeting: income of $62.06, $7588.38 in checking, $184,573.89 in money market, and $211,269.69 in CD’s for a total on hand of $403,431.96. The corrected minutes were motioned for approval by Steele and supported by Kilmer.  Motion carried 5 yes.

County Commissioner:  Not present

Public Comment:  Rod Merten presented a letter to the board in which he complained that the clerk tried to get him to drop his recall efforts during a conversation at the clerk’s office.

Ambulance: Glenn Fox presented a copy of the ambulance service 2014 financial statements.  He also reviewed the ambulance services for the past three months.

Mayville Library: No report

Planning Commission:  Doug Graham stated that the survey results were still being compiled and that an agreement had been made with the EDC to do the Master Plan for $2500. Bob Cook stated that the cost of the Master Plan cost may change because the operations of the EDC may be changing, depending on what the County Commissioners decide to do with the EDC. Doug said that he hopes the Master plan writing will be well underway by August.

Zoning administrator/ Blight officer: Bob Cook reported issuing two dwelling permits and one pole barn permit. Bob said that he would be willing to step down from the blight officer’s position if a qualified replacement could be found. It was decided to advertise the position.

Cemetery: Dave Harp was buried recently. A replacement has been found for the O/C and sexton jobs. Wayne Nelson is interested in the job and he was recommended by Ron Gromak. Eleanor has spoken with him and agrees that he is qualified to do the job.

Trustee: James Satchel presented a rebuttal to the censure explanation letter that was given to him by the board. He made a motion that the board issue a censure to the clerk. There was no support for the motion.

Supervisor: Bob Cook mentioned that there has been an average of over 700 hits per month on the township website. He also stated that he has been in touch with Stan Kloc who has been doing our roadside mowing and that Stan is no longer interested in the job. Bob did find a company by the name of Roadside Maintenance Company and that they would do the mowing for either $3800 or $3500, depending on when we wanted it done. Mr Satchel requested that we advertise the job but Mr. Cook was concerned that there may not be adequate time to do so.

Treasurer: Eleanor reported income of $62,735.20, and expenses of $45,225.33 with a balance on hand of $420,941.83. There is $3306.24 in checking, $206,365.90 in money market account, and a CD face value of $211,269.69. Eleanor stated that Jutta Sword has resigned as deputy treasurer and she would like to appoint Carol Friday as the replacement.

Clerk: Checks numbered 7187 through 7206 have been written, along with one EFT for payroll taxes, in the amount of $23,149.24 have been written since the last meeting. Steele made a motion to approve the bill payments with a second by Mocniak. Motion carried unanimously.

            Mike mentioned the upcoming election on 5-5-15. Mike presented a rebuttal to Rod Merten’s letter, stating that he told Rod that there was too much negativity in Dayton Township and that dropping the recall efforts could be a step in a positive direction. He also stated that he was fully aware of Rod’s right to pursue the recall if he so chooses. 

            Mike presented a sample form that he felt was a possible way to record zoning administrator and blight officer activity.

Unfinished business: There was a resolution to support the Shay Lake bridge replacement made by Mocniak, supported by Steele and passed unanimously.

            Two applications have been received for the planning commission vacancy, one from Travis Klimek and one from Rod Merten. Steele motioned that Travis be appointed, seconded by Mocniak. Motion passed by roll call vote with Satchel the only no vote.

New business: The clerk passed out new FOIA policies/procedures that he has been working to meet the new state regulations. He asked that the board members review them as they need to be approved by July 1.

            Letters of resignation, effective 5-20-15, from Mike and Sherry Mocniak were read by Mr Cook. There was a motion by Steele with a second by Kilmer to accept the resignations. Motion passed unanimously. Mr Cook then stated that Stacy Phillips had agreed to return to the board and recommended her appointment. Mr Satchel asked Bob what had happened to Stacy’s job and if she would have time to do the clerk’s job. Stacy was present and told Mr Satchel that he could direct his questions to her. He replied by saying that he would deal with her when she sat up at the table with the other board members. There was motion by Steele to appoint Stacy to the clerk’s position, with a second by Mocniak. Motion passed by roll call vote with Satchel being the only no vote.

            There was a motion to hire Wayne Nelson for the cemetery O/C and sexton jobs made by Kilmer, with a second by Mocniak. Motion passed unanimously.

            There was a motion by Steel, seconded by Kilmer to contract with Roadside Maintenance Co. to do the roadside mowing. Motion passed unanimously.

            There was a motion by Kilmer with support from Steele to approve Carol Friday as the deputy. The motion passed unanimously.


 There was a motion for adjournment . Meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.