DAYTON TOWNSHIP Regular Meeting Minutes May 5, 2014 Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Stacy Phillips, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present. Minutes from the April 7, 2014 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with 5 yes. Public Comment:  James Wencel candidate for State Representative for the 84th District was present to give the board and floor information about himself and what his plan is as a State Representative if he should win this position.  He also answered some questions from the residents in attendance. Robert Adams questioned Bob about the list of roads that he originally had planned on repairing (that was presented at the budget public hearing) and what his plan was now.  Bob commented that since he did not have a price list, at that time from the county that the list would have to change and he could not make a determination of a revised list since the thaw has lifted.  He also commented that he would have a better idea of what needs to be repaired by Junes meeting. Leo commented why Mayville Rd. was being asphalted instead of some gravel roads.  Bob had informed him that one mile of asphalt roads need to be maintained on a yearly basis so that these roads do not get too damaged beyond repair

Glenn Fox “Thanked” all the volunteers that had cleaned up the West Dayton and Dayton Center Cemeteries.  He stated that they looked really good.  Bob then mentioned all the volunteers that had came out that day to help with the clean up; Bob and Marlene Hunter, John Harp, Don Burgess, Nathan and Stacy Phillips, Jim Phillips, Bob Cook and a new family to the township (the Partridge Family). RJ Gilmore questioned Bob on what was going on with the clean-up of the park and ride on Hurds Corner Rd.  Bob mentioned that he will be in contact with MDOT again and will have an answer by next month’s meeting. Rod Merten questioned what the issue was with Jake Peets residency on Shay Lake Rd. and if the trailer is a permanent housing unit. Bob explained the issue to the board and floor of what had happened after the tree had fallen on his home and what led to the decisions that were made. Satchel then requested monthly reports from the assessor as stated in her contract and Bob commented that she was supposed to be here tonight but her dad was ill.  Bob also stated that he has given reports in a couple of previous meetings from the assessor that gave an overview of what has taken place since she has been contracted through the township. Henry Harris also questioned Bob if he had answer about the water over Fernwood Rd.  Bob stated that he and a county road commission member were going to drive around and look at the areas of concern that had recently been brought to his attention. Ambulance:  Glenn Fox was present to give his report. They met on the 8th of April at which time the Auditor gave the audit report for the ambulance board which they had passed with no problems. 
They also approved the minutes and financial reports from the previous months.  The new ambulance has arrived and they are also
using the old rig as well.  There have been 126 runs YTD. Mayville Library:  Gail Cook reported on the meeting which was on the 8th of April.  The library had held their computer classes in April as well as the quilt show.  At their next meeting they will concentrate on the preparation for the
150th celebration of the village and what plans they will have for the Sunflower Festival. Planning Commission:  Doug Graham reported; their meeting was on the 21st of April at which time they started to work on the Master Plan.  The board has been working with Mark Eidelson whom made the Townships original Master Plan and Zoning Book.  The board had also looked over the old survey that was presented to residents about 17 years ago, and they will work to update the old survey. Zoning Administrator:  One permit issued for an addition. Blight Enforcement Officer:  Bob commented in regards to the blight issue on Arden Park Dr. and the fact that the resident refused the Certified Letter and it was returned.  The next step is Bob will be in contact with the attorney and the issue will then go to the courts as a misdemeanor and the resident will be served by the courts personally. Cemetery:  Eleanor met with Ron and there will be two burials at the Dayton Center Cemetery for Best and Crisp and one burial at West Dayton Cemetery.  Ron is also still in need of a load of top soil.  Bob stated the he will have a load hauled to Dayton Center.  The survey will be done on the new acre at West Dayton soon.  Finally, Eleanor informed the board that a CD that was designated for land procurement will expire on the 7th of May and she wanted to know if she should cash it in for the use of the purchase of the land for West Dayton.  At this time Satchel motioned to cash in the CD for the purchase of one acre of land for West Dayton, seconded by Steele.  Motioned carried with 5 yes. Trustee:  Satchel questioned the proposed roads that Bob had presented in previous meetings and he wanted to know if Bob was going to present the county road commission with an updated list.  Bob commented that he was going to take care of it with the road committee and with the county.  Steele then commented that Byington Rd needs some major repair and he also mentioned that the graders need to be out maintaining the roads more.   Bob, at this time stated that he was going to have the dusting wait until after Memorial Day because the roads are still seeping water which
has caused the road commission to not grade as soon as expected. Supervisor:  Bob mentioned that Eleanor had a call from an elderly couple that had a concern of a moving truck in their driveway claiming that they were being evicted.  Eleanor in turn called Bob at which time he proceeded to make phone calls and finally determined that the real estate company had made a mistake and responded to the wrong address. Bob also commented that Gabe Lewis had nominated Bob and Marlene Hunter for the Tuscola County Stars award and in their absence Bob had attended the meeting to accept the award.   At which time Bob asked Bob Hunter to the front of the board room and presented the awards to him.  Treasurer:  There is an income of $66,265.11 due to delinquent taxes, revenue sharing, fees, etc.  There were also expenses in the amount of $44,966.34 due to the fire contract, ambulance contract, garbage, wages, etc.  The totals in accounts are as follows:  $6,635.46 checking, $202,147.30 money market, $221,269.69 face value of CD’s, and a total on hand of $430,052.45. Clerk:  There are invoices to pay with the AUTO EFT and check #6911 - #6933 in the amount of $59,638.38 due to roads, garbage, wages, etc. After an explanation of the said invoices it was motioned by Steele and seconded by Kilmer to pay the bills.  Motion carried with 5 yes. Stacy then read the “Thank You” letter from the Kingston Library and what the money is spent to purchase. Finally Stacy presented the board with the insurance coverage’s from Burnham and Flower and with no changes needed to be made she will email such response to the company.  New Business:  The townships tire collection will be on the 22nd of May from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. located at the hall on Hurds Corner Rd.  Bob also informed everyone that the fee for the tractor tire collection was dropped so they are now free to leave as well. At this time the board discussed the cemetery lawn maintenance contract, and the fact that the previous company had resigned from the job of cemetery lawn maintenance due to a family illness.  Bob had then mentioned that there was one quote for $5,400.00 received for the job of cemetery lawn maintenance by Jeff Bailey.  Jeff Bailey was present and he gave the board a brief overview of himself and what his future plan was which included the reasoning for requesting to take this job on.  He will be retiring soon from teaching at the Caro schools and would like to take on mowing jobs.  With no other discussion it was motioned by Steele to accept the bid of $5,400.00 for cemetery lawn maintenance by Jeff Bailey, seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with 5 yes. Finally Eleanor presented the board with the list of foreclosed properties in the township and the fact that the township has the first Right of Refusal.  This document needs to be signed and mailed back to the county and then the county has the right to publish the properties for sale at their auction.  With no other discussion it was motioned by Steele and seconded by Kilmer to sign the document and return it to the county.  Motion carried with 5 yes. It was then motioned for adjournment at 9:00 p.m.