​Dayton Township

Planning Commission Minutes

August 17, 2020


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Travis Klimek.


Present were Bob Steele, Doug Graham, Ernie Coleman, Chris Yens, and Travis Klimek. Absent were Hilary Slusher and Nancy Shaver.


A motion to appoint Bob Steele as Secretary Pro Temp was moved by Doug Graham and seconded by Ernie Coleman. With all in favor, Motion was carried.


Minutes from February 17, 2020 was handed out and a motioned for approval was moved by Doug Graham, seconded by Ernie Coleman. With all in favor, Motion carried.


Public Comment: None, the board quickly discussed the mail in voting and that Bob Hunter donated the pit run for the base of the parking lot and Chris Gusek donated his time and equipment to level out the stone that the township purchased. THANK YOU!


Zoning Administrator: Permits issued: 1 Dwelling, 3 Pole Barns, 1 Addition, and 1 Violation. Discussed property tax sale.


New Business: none


Ongoing Business: We got the zoning map printed and posted on the wall.

Discussed article 15.

Chris Yens moved to accept article 15 as written, seconded by Ernie Colman. With all in favor, Motion carried.


The next Planning Commission meeting will be October 19, 2020.


Motion to adjourn the meeting was moved by Chris Yens and seconded by Doug Graham. With all in favor, Motion carried.


Minutes taken by Bob Steele.