Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2015

 Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Stacy Phillips, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele, and James Satchel were present.

The minutes from the July 6, 2015 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele, seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Bob at this time commented that Rod Merten had his video camera active and in the appropriate location.

PUBLIC COMMENT:   Leo Schafke asked if there was anyone taking care of the weeds and overgrown trees at the Park and Ride at Hurds Corner Rd.  It is need of some clean up and he was concerned for the people who use it.  Bob said he would check into it he believes that MDOT takes care of it, but he will get it taken care of.

A resident that lives on Shay Lake Rd. east of the lake was concerned for an area where there are garbage containers that the local residents where dumping their garbage in.  The concern was that it was a huge mess and that there were numerous residents using it, but not the owner of the property.  He would like to see these containers removed in hopes of having the area cleaned up.

Henry Harris also commented about the same area and he voiced his concern for the problem as well.  Bob did say that he was aware of it and has made attempts to have them removed.  He again will be actively working at catching whoever is dumping their garbage there, and he will try to get the containers removed. Henry had also asked Bob if he had any crime statistics for Dayton Township, or if he had any way of getting them. Bob had replied that we do not have access to that information he would have to go to the County Sheriff’s Department or to the State Police Post for those reports.

PLANNING COMMISSION:  Doug Graham reported that they will be meeting on the 17th of August at 7:30 p.m. and they will finish tallying the surveys and have the final results during the October meeting. He also commented that there was just over 1400 surveys mailed with around 258 returned. This was about the same percentage that was returned when the township mailed the survey quite a few years ago.

ZONING ADMINISTRATOR:  Bob issued three permits during the month all of which were for pole barns. 

BLIGHT ENFORCEMENT:  Bob commented that he had been working on the complaint in regards to the garbage containers on Shay Lake Rd.  He has attempted to contact the residents by phone and has left different messages on the containers themselves.  He did remark that he will continue to work at this problem. He also has another issue of blight that he has been taking care of on Cat Lake. 

Eleanor commented that there was a burial of cremains at the West Dayton Cemetery. Ron Gromak took care of this burial because he had been working with the residents for a couple of years.  Eleanor informed the board that Wayne Nelson will be taking care of the next burial.  Bob also informed the board and floor that Kappan did remove the tree at Dayton Center Cemetery and they still have to come and grind the stump.  Bob will work at getting the remainder of the tree removed from the cemetery.

TRUSTEE:  James voiced his concern for the lack of visibility of Gifford Rd., due to the roadside needing to be mowed, between Fernwood and Pinecrest.  Bob said he would get it taken care of.

SUPERVISOR:  Bob commented that the road commission has been doing a good job with the upkeep of our roads, but the people driving fast and tearing up our roads is out of control, and very dangerous.  He also informed the board and floor that the roadside spraying has been performed already. Doug Graham did comment that the corner of Treasurer Rd. and Clifford Rd. still had some tall plants that needed to be sprayed.  Finally Bob informed everyone that he and Joan had met with the State in regards to the township assessing.  He said that the State was very impressed with Joan’s land value maps and Dayton Township received a 92% for assessing.  The State takes so many properties and matches them to Dayton Township assessment.

TREASURER:  There was an income of $9,990.15, expenses of $50,792.17 and currently the account totals are $6,268.86 checking, $98,98.31 money market, $211,269.69 face value of the CD’s with a total on hand of $316,526.86.

Eleanor also commented that the taxes are coming in on regular basis and all residents have until the 14th of September before any penalties are added to their taxes.  The penalties are added on starting the 15th of September.

CLERK:  Stacy informed the board and floor that she has been without power; so she was not able to finish printing the checks, and was unable to print up any invoice or budget reports.  She did say that the reports will be enclosed with their minutes.  She did calculate what checks she had already printed; they are checks #7259-#7277 in the amount of $25,008.46 and after a brief explanation it was motioned by Steele to pay the invoices, seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with 5 yes. 

NEW BUSINESS:  At this time the board went through the applications that were received for blight enforcement officer. James at this time wanted it noted that he did not have enough time to read over the documents, so he asked that Stacy read each Letter of Intent, Resume and or application that was turned into her office.  James Satchel wanted to ask some questions to the candidates after their documents were read to the board and floor.  Stacy started with James Bondy’s letter and after it was read James Bondy then declined and did not want us to consider his letter for the job.

She then proceeded with Gary Gibson’s application, Rod Merten’s letter of intent and resume, and finally Leo Schafke’s application.  James Satchel had asked each one of them a couple questions.  With no other discussion James had motioned that we hire Leo Schafke for the blight enforcement officer, with no second the motion did not carry and failed to pass.  At this time there was no other application accepted by the board.

Finally with no other discussion there was a motion for adjournment, made by Steele at 8:20 p.m.