Regular Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Mike Mocniak, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

Minutes from the August 4, 2014 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Mocniak.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Public Comment:  Bob Cook introduced Mike Mocniak, newly appointed clerk, who requested  people making statements in public comment state their name first before making their statements. Richard Horsch commented that there have been inconsistencies in application of the township zoning ordinance since the inception of the ordinance at that there needs to be consistent, diligent application of the ordinance in the future. A resident questioned why there were no copies of the financial report available for the public at the meeting and Mike replied that he used the practice guidelines recommended by the MTA and was not aware that there had been a resolution passed previous to his joining the board which allowed for copies, in addition to those presented to the board, to be made available. Mike stated that he would bring extra copies to subsequent board meetings and asked for a show of hands to get a count of how many copies to bring. There were 10 requests. A question was asked regarding the completion of the Mayville road paving and Bob responded that it would be completed this fall but there was no timetable given for its completion. A question was asked regarding the cost of the asphalt used to pave the road and Bob responded that we do not have that specific information and that the only cost we are given is the total cost to complete the job.

Ambulance report: Glenn Fox gave the Mayville ambulance financial report. He also stated that they would be purchasing a “thumper” which is a mechanical device which does chest compression. He explained that the ambulance service is required to give 30 minutes of compression to non-responsive victims and that this would be a great assistance in this task.

Planning Commission: Doug Graham reported the results of the planning commission meeting which was the proposed township questionnaire that will be used to formulate the township master plan. He also stated that it is recommended that a survey be repeated every 10 yrs.

Zoning Administrator/Blight officer:  Bob reported that he issued 3 barn permits and that current blight issues are progressing well.

Cemetery:  Eleanor reported that the burial of Marvin Lambert is scheduled, and that the survey of the cemetery has been completed.

Trustee:  James reported concerns over the # of positions that Mr. Cook holds in the township.

Supervisor:  Bob Cook  read 2 letters that he had received related to the illegal chicken issue, one from Janet Meyers expressing her concerns about the extreme measures taken by a few township residents to harass her, even after the chickens were removed from her property. The other letter was from Kristie Trombley and in it she expressed her disapproval of James Satchell’s recent  behavior and comments to her.

Treasurer:  There are expenses for the month of $23,368.28 and an income of $23,999.23.  The totals on hand are as follows:  $6,839.46 checking, $102,183.15 money market, $211,269.69 CD’s face value and a total on hand of $320,292.30.  Eleanor also stated that the last day to pay taxes without penalty is September 15th.

Clerk:  There are invoices to be paid with the AUTO EFT and check #7014 thru #7037 in the amount of $23,595.45.  Mr. Satchell  inquired about the pay that Mike is receiving considering that his appointment began on 8-20-14. It was explained by Stacy, the former clerk, that terms run from the 20th of the month and that the pay corresponds with the appointment term. There was a motion by Steele and a second by Mocniak to approve the bills. Motion passed by all.

New business: A PA 116 request from Laracha farms regarding a parcel on Hunt road was presented.  There was a motion from Steele and a second by Mocniak to approve the request. The motion was approved unanimously. The price of the Zoning Book was briefly discussed. There was a motion by Satchell and a second by Mocniak to set the price of the book at $10. The motion was approved unanimously. There was considerable discussion over the revised questionnaire, particularly regarding the provision of township services at a centralized location. A signed note from planning commission member Ralph Mock was presented. In it Ralph stated that he urged the board to keep the central location question on the survey. A  motion was made by Satchell, but not seconded, to approve the amended questionnaire. A second motion was made by Eleanor and seconded by Steele to approve the questionnaire with the deletion of the centralized location question. By roll call vote the motion passed 4 to 1 with Satchell being the lone dissenter.   

​ It was mentioned by Mike that the township hall was in dire need of a paint job and asked for volunteers.  Several people present were interested and Mike asked Henry Harris if he would coordinate the effort along with Bob Cook. Henry consented. Mr. Satchell suggested that we hire a professional to paint the hall, but fortunately township resident Mike Flannigan, a professional painter volunteered his expertise and equipment. The painting project will be mentioned on the township website in order to give non-attendees a chance to volunteer.A motion to adjourn was made at 9:20.