Bob Cook .......Supervisor; Tony Shaver …..Clerk; Eleanor Kilmer…..Treasurer;
Bob Steele…..Trustee; Greg Lotter…..Trustee

Proposed Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2018

 1.      Call to order with pledge to the Flag-Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm

2.      Minutes of Previous Meeting & Election Commission Meeting-Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting by Steele, seconded by Lotter motion carried

3.      Public Comment

A.    A question was raised about green energy and how the Township would handle particularly issues arising with wind and solar. Could we put it to a vote?

4.      Reports

A.    County Commissioner-mentioned putting ordinance in about windmills in the case of a board change over. Juniata Township example was used. These issues become court battles. The 3000 block of Snover road was talked about. Bob is discussing with Road Commission what we are doing to fix it. No specific plan at the moment but it will be fixed.      

B.     Ambulance-Glen Fox read previous meeting Minutes 8/21, 3 new College Student Volunteers, 28 Total. Will be providing Ambulance service for Mayville football games free of charge. Will be offering to all Employees/Volunteers the Hep A vaccine. As of July the Ambulance had been dispatched 370 times for the year. Ambulance service will be looking for a new rig in the spring. MMR in Saginaw has been good about loaning rig when needed.   

C.     Library – Mayville-Gail Cook read minutes 8/14  

D.    Library – Kingston

E.     Planning Commission-Travis gave update on last meeting 8/20 they discussed their Frankenmuth seminar, time limit 3 minutes. They discussed windmills that break and don’t get fixed until they are shot. Solar takes away from farming and does not work with PA116 unlike windmills and cell towers. Next meeting 10/15.  

F.      Zoning Administrator-No Permits

G.    Blight Enforcement Officer-Going well, many of our residents mow side of the road, Bob gets compliments from many people stating that our township is very clean, it is difficult for those on gravel roads to mow close to road due to stones.

H.    Cemetery-2 Burials

I.       Assessor-nothing to report

J.       Trustees-Bob Steele complimented new gravel on Brown road, he also laminated article from paper for our township

5.      Supervisor

A.    Roads-Tomorrow morning road commission starts hauling crushed on Phelps Lake, English, and Shay Lake. Please avoid these roads. Another week before we do patch gravel. This is all in preparation for the Shay Lake bridge which is coming shortly. We are thankful that Michelle and Mike Zwerk helped us get the bridge going. Michelle was a very hard worker and very responsive. Hurds Corner from Shay Lake north will be closed again for tomorrow and Thursday to finish up the culverts. The culvert in the swamp will be started shortly after that. That will be a 2 day event because it is muck. Road Commission likes to leave excavator as close as possible to where work being done. No more crushing for the year. Thankful to have a gravel pit in our township, it is good gravel. Bob reminded people to keep speed down when driving down back roads during the construction.  Be courteous of farm equipment and use common sense.

6.      Treasurer

A.    Financial Report-Eleanor read the financial report for the month. Taxes are coming in good, 10 days left. Taxes are kept in a separate account until settled with county around first of March. Eleanor is in need of more stamped envelopes soon.  

7.      Clerk

A.    Expense Report-Tony read the expense report. Question was raised about penalties and interest to IRS. This was due to actual late payment in first quarter of 2018. Motion to pay the bills was made by Steele and seconded by Lotter. Motion carried.

B.     Primary Election- went smoothly. Our inspectors did a great job. Tony received an email from board of canvassers saying our group did a great job. There were 471 ballots cast, which was a good turnout for a primary.

C.     General Election – General Election will be in the beginning of November. We will be starting the process on the absentee ballots soon.

D.    Election Accreditation – Clerk and Deputy Clerk attended a 2 day Election Accreditation training in Lansing at the beginning of the month.

E.     FOIA request – It was from a source claiming to be “Emily” from the United Impact Group, LLC. They were requesting a copy of every ballot from the 2016 election. This request was statewide and even in other states. The requested ballots were scheduled to be destroyed on September 10, 2018, however the FOIA request came in just in time before they were destroyed. We have responded to the request with a letter that was reviewed by our attorney stating that we do not have the equipment available to be able to copy ballots but the company is more than welcome to come and inspect ballots upon requested appointment.

F.      King & King Audit- Lehn King came and walked though the audit report with us and it was overall a good audit and our books are in good order. Our fund balance has been dropping consistently over the last 4 audits (8 years) but it is not a major concern because we still have a healthy fund balance.  

8.      Unfinished Business-none

9.      New Business-none

10.  Adjourn-Motion to Adjourn was made by Bob Steele seconded by Lotter, motion carried at 7:51 pm