Proposed Regular Meeting Minutes
August 4, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Stacy Phillips, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present.

Minutes from the July 7, 2014 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Public Comment:  Bob Adams questioned the roadside mowing and what roads were to get mowed and how often.  Bob stated that all township roads get mowed, once a year, and Stan was currently mowing the township roads.  Bob Adams also stated that the roads he had mowed looked good.  He also asked about spraying the road side and Bob explained that Snover Rd. will get sprayed because it is the newest road.  The township should be in the county rotation for roadside spraying and it might possibly be next year.

County Commissioner:  Christine Trisch was present to report that the county road commission shortfall on their budget will not reflect or impact the county budget.  She stated that they are their own entity and therefore have their own budget.  She also encouraged residents to attend the meeting that they would be having with the road commission on the 11th of August at 11:00 a.m. in the commissioners’ chambers.

Planning Commission:  Doug Graham reported; that they will meet on the 18th of August at 7:30 p.m. and they will continue to discuss the master plan survey, and try to finalize how they would like it to read.

Zoning Administrator:  Bob started his report with the problem that has evolved with the DEQ and a resident that has tried to bury numerous tires.  The DEQ was contacted about the problem and the resident that had buried the tires was responsible to come and dig them up.  Bobstated that the biggest problem was the fact that the township has a free tire collection every year and this resident knows that.  Bob also mentioned that he has offered to pick up any tire in the township if the resident was not available to drop them off.

Blight Enforcement:  There were 4 demolition permits issued and the buildings have been removed without violations.  Bob also commented that he has talked to Mike Urban and they are not sure what to do now.  They cannot get the resident to answer the door to issue her the ticket.  This problem will continue to be worked on until they can satisfactorily issue her the ticket to proceed with the case.

Cemetery:   There are no burials, and the Township is waiting on the land division for the expansion of the West Dayton Cemetery.

Trustee:  No report.

Supervisor:  No report.

Treasurer:  There are expenses for the month of $68,629.53 and an income of $5,676.48.  The totals on hand are as follows:  $9,944.51 checking, $98,447.15 money market, $211,269.69 CD’s face value and a total on hand of $319,661.35.Eleanor also stated that the taxes have been coming in regularly.

Clerk:  There are invoices to be paid with the AUTO EFT and check #6998 thru #7013 in the amount of $24,687.10 after a brief explanation it was motioned by Steele to pay the bills and seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with 5 yes. Stacy mentioned that the audit was successful and the auditor will be present at the September board meeting to give the report.  Finally Stacy presented the board with her letter of resignation.  She read the letter and asked that the board motion their approval of such.  Steele regretfully motioned the acceptance of the resignation of Stacy and it was seconded by Satchel.  Motion carried with a roll call vote to follow:  Steele – Yes, Satchel – Yes, Kilmer – Yes, Phillips – Abstain, Cook – Yes. At this time James motioned that Rod Merten be appointed to the position of Township Clerk and with no second to follow the motion was closed .Eleanor then motioned that Mike Mocniak be appointed as the Township Clerk after he had expressed his desire to take on the job and help out the township.  The motion was seconded by Steele.  Motion carried with a roll call vote to follow:  Steele – Yes, Satchel – No, Kilmer – Yes, Phillips – Abstain, Cook – Yes. Mike at this time mentioned that he does not know that he could “fill Stacy’s shoes” but would like to take on the job and is willing to learn what he can and what is needed to do the job.

Unfinished Business:  Rick Seidler wanted to know what had happened with the chickens at Shay Lake and had the issue been resolved.  Rick also stated that he had driven by a couple of times and the chickens were still in their pen.  Bob stated that he had asked the resident to remove the chickens and they should not have been there.  At this time the resident was in attendance and she commented that the chickens had been removed.  

​Finally, there was a motion for an adjournment at 8:20 p.m.