Bob Cook .......Supervisor; Nancy Shaver …..Deputy Clerk; Eleanor Kilmer…..Treasurer;

Bob Steele…..Trustee; Greg Lotter…..Trustee Bob Steele

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2019

1.Call to order with pledge to the Flag-Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

2.Minutes of Previous Meeting – Motion to approve minutes for previous meeting made by Steele, seconded by Lotter, motion carried.

3.Public Comment –

Rick – Roadside mowing is incomplete – Bob will take a drive and check it out.
Bert –

i.Is Shay Lake going to receive any work from the disaster money – Only the areas that are deemed a disaster will receive the work. The work would be done by the county not the township in that case. Our township did receive a lot of work from the disaster money.   

ii.Dust Control on Gilford Drive - it was done but it was done a week late. They will do 2 applications this year unless more needed.

iii.Mosquito control at Shay Lake – there are a lot of mosquitos by the lake. Mosquito control has done many applications this year but with all of the rain there are more than normal

Lawrence –    

i.Chantiny road will not receive any more work this year from the county

ii.Mowing on south street has not been done. Bob will take a look at it

iii.Blight notices have been sent out and there has one building that has been removed


County Commissioner-No Report
Ambulance-Report was read for the 6/11/2019 Meeting-financial report was given to Clerk Shaver
Library – Mayville-No report
Planning Commission-Travis Reported on 6/17 meeting, articles 8 & 9 done, will discuss exotic pets at next meeting, commission needs to discuss with Ralph Mock to see if he would like to continue to be on the planning commission. A question was raised about how the Planning Commission members are appointed. The board appoints members to the Planning commission.  
Zoning Administrator-4 Land Divisions, 0 Dwelling Permit, 3 Pole Barn-when a land division is changed in the middle of the process it is a big headache for Bob. Board made a suggestion that a deposit is required and there are added fees for changing a land division in the middle of the process. Board will leave it up to Bob to do so.
Blight Enforcement Officer-discussed earlier
Assessor-No Report
Trustees-Possible vacancy on the Planning Commission


Roads-The Crusher in the Webber Pit will not be able to be in until the second or third week of September. Just put pit run on Shay Lake road. Pit run is $0.20 more per ton. Bob will check to see if the county will be changing the culvert on Shay Lake road. Shay Lake road just east of Reid road needs a wedge. There should be an engineer coming out to look at it.


Financial Report- Eleanor read financial report.  


Expense Report-Tony read the expense report totaling $30,759.33. Motion to pay bills made by Steele, seconded by Lotter. The Motion Carried.  

8.Unfinished Business-None

9.New Business-None

10.Adjourn-Motion to Adjourn by Steele, motion carried at 7:34PM