Dayton Township
Budget Workshop Summary

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am. Board members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele, Mike Mocniak, and James Satchel were present.

            Mike had provided each board member with a current budget line item list showing the current line item expenses. Each item was discussed and new proposed amounts for 2015-2016 were agreed on. The majority of discussion was focused on the road budget. Bob Cook presented a proposed road budget in the amount of $126,250. Resident Robert Adams gave each board member a list of concerns that he had regarding several roads. Trustee Satchel proposed increasing the proposed road budget to $175,000. Mocniak and Kilmer expressed concerns about decreasing the fund equity by that much. After considerable discussion about the board set road budget at $145,000. Mike pointed out the biggest changes in the 14-15 budget revenue was an increase in state shared revenue and a decrease in the zoning expenses.  Zoning expenses were much less than expected due to the master plan not being completed during the 14-15 fiscal year. The proposed 15-16 budget meeting is set for 3-21-15.

            Meeting was adjourned at 10:24 a.m.