Dayton Township

Planning Commission

December 19,  2016

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Chairman Travis Klimek.

Present were Ralph Mock, Ernie Coleman, Chris Yens, Travis Klimek, Hilary Slusher, Doug Graham, Bob Steele, and Bob Cook.

Minutes from October 17, 2016 were read by Hilary Slusher, accepted by Doug Graham, seconded by Chris Yens.

PUBLIC COMMENT: No public comment.

permit for a dwelling and one pole barn addition issued.

OLD BUSINESS: Vicky  Sherry, from the EDC, sent  a 27 page rough  draft of what she has been working on for our Master Plan to be reviewed by our members. She is making progress and we are expecting to see more added to the Master Plan in the following weeks.

NEW BUSINESS: Membership renewals were reviewed and 3 of our members are due to renew their memberships at our next meeting on February 20th, 2017. We will also be reviewing our yearly budget and preparing it to be submitted to the board at our next meeting. The use of solar energy has been on the rise in our state, surrounding counties, and townships. The Planning Commission Board agrees that an amendment to our ordinances should be added on the issue because of that a motion was made to put a 90 day moritorium on solar farms. The motion was made by Ralph Mock, seconded by Ernie Coleman. Roll call was taken and with the majority of the board voting yes the motion was carried.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bob Steele, seconded by Doug Graham, meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.