Regular Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the flag. Members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Kaitlyn Burgess, Bob Steele and Greg Lotter were present.     

 Minutes from the November 6, 2017 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Lotter. Motion carried with 5 yes votes.      

Public Comment: County Commissioner Kim Vaughan spoke about how the state hospital is hiring more, that  a soybean plant is going to be built by the airport in Caro in 2018 and bring more jobs to the area. He also spoke about the animal shelter paid for by Tuscola County and not Sanilac, even though it is being run by Sanilac. He spoke about packaged liquor sales on Sundays possibly going on the ballot in 2018, if we get 1400 signatures on the petition. He also spoke about possibly dissolving the county road commission board and switching to appointing officials instead of electing them on the ballot in 2018. Bob Cook spoke that he wouldn’t approve dissolving the road commission board because they have been great for the township. Rick agreed with Bob Cook and said the road commission has always been great, even when he was supervisor.

Planning Commission: Travis Klimek spoke about their last meeting on October 16, and the public hearing right before that. Vicky Sherry and Steve Ericson were present and spoke about the process they were going through with the master plan. We are currently in the 65 day review, and next month it goes to the board for their vote. Bob Steele spoke that they meet the 18th.

Ambulance:  No report.  

Mayville Library:  No report. 

Zoning Administrator:  Bob reported he issued a permit for one pole barn and three land divisions, and is getting calls regularly. He said this might be a record year for permits.

Cemetery:  Eleanor reported that the township had two cremains at West Dayton that were put in, and that Wayne called about one military marker that he wanted to know about putting in.

 Assessor:  Joan reported that the board of review meeting is December 13th at 10AM. Other than that, she is staying busy as usual.

Trustee: Greg Lotter asked if we had gotten any further with the fire bills, and Eleanor reported that Kaitlyn was meeting with Lisa the next day. Lisa asked her if we were interested in having them bill for the car accidents, fires or use of jaws of life, and Eleanor said it would be fine if they did the billing. She said she thought they should do the billing because they do the service and have all of the information, not us, so Bob Cook said that we might change the billing once the contract is up.

Supervisor:   Bob mentioned that we used up all that was left at the Weber pit for the roads, which was 450 tons. He said Greg Weber will be starting in May to crush more for gravel. They’ve covered all of the crucial spots. If we do need more we can get it from Albrecht, but it costs more from them, so if we can wait until spring, we can do more with the money. We still have money left, but he will know more in February.

Treasurer: Eleanor said that taxes were coming in already. The county has foreclosed on parcels at Shay Lake, and if we do not write them a letter saying we don’t want them, the county will give them to us. Objection must be received on or before December 31st. There are eight parcels mostly in section 13. Bob Steele made motion to object which was seconded by Greg, all 5 were in favor. Reported income of $923.35 from franchise fees from Charter and a refund from Accident fund. and expenses of $13,273.55 for a balance on hand of $202,690.22 there is $24, 002.66 in the checking. There is $7,417.87 in money market account and a CD face value of $171,269.26 for a total of $202,690.22.     

  After a brief explanation of checks printed for bills and wages and election paychecks it was motioned by Steele, seconded by Lotter to pay bills. Motion carried with 5 yes. Greg Lotter asked if I bought my new computer, not yet but I am working on it. Bob asked if I contacted DTE regarding the work on electric pole. I have contacted them and they are working on it.

New Business:  Bob Cook wanted to thank all of our residents and our voters. We had 380 voters in the November election, which is 26% of the township voters. The County clerk and Amy Holbrook and her mother Gail all were very helpful. 12-05-17 we have a post election inspection by the County clerk. Amy Holbrook, Kaitlyn Burgess and Bob Cook will be there.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Steele, seconded by Lotter and meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.