RegularMeeting Minutes
February 5, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge to the flag. Members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Kaitlyn Burgess, Bob Steele and Greg Lotter were present.     

 Minutes from the January 2nd, 2018 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Lotter. Motion carried with 5 yes votes.       

Public Comment: No report

Ambulance:  Glen was present. Their last meeting was December 12, where they approved the minutes from October, and the financials of October and November. They have six new volunteers. The Christmas party went well. They reviewed compensation and year-end bonuses. They also purchased a stand by generator. They were busy in October and all of last year. Calls: 51, year: 570, November calls: 43, total: 613, and 552 in the previous year. 600 of the runs have been paid for. The next meeting is next Tuesday.

Mayville Library:
  No report. 

Planning Commission: Travis Klimek was present, and stated that December was their last meeting, and that the 19th of February is going to be the budget meeting.

Zoning Administrator:  Bob issued permits for 1 land division, and said that things have slowed down a little bit. He also said that the blight hasn’t been much of an issue because it's been covered by the snow.

Blight Officer:  Blight fixed on Pattison Rd. Cat Lake may take awhile.

Cemetery:  Eleanor reported that Jr. had been buried, and that more cremations would be buried once the weather improves. She is working on the list of veterans for the website. A meeting would be at the museum on Thursday, and the group is buying markers and flags for the cemetery.

 Assessor:  Joan has been busy as usual, and said that she has an invoice for the CIS annual fee that she will bring.

Trustee: No comment.

Supervisor:   Bob spoke on a problem that had been going on with the furnace. He stopped by one day and noticed the fan blowing cold air, then checked and was surprised to see that we had already gone through 20% of the fuel in only 10 days. They ended up figuring out that the heat exchanger was bad and on recall. It took two trips to get it fixed, but thankfully the water cooler did not freeze.

reported income of $50,501.85 and expenses of $7,165.53 for a balance on hand of $254,312.30.There is $85,624.11 in the checking. There is $7,418.50 in money market account and a CD face value of $161,269.69. Eleanor said that taxes are still coming in, and that we should be settled with the county by this time next month. She explained that we did have extra bills to pay this month.

Clerk: Invoices to be paid with the AUTO EFT and checks #7924-7942 in the amount of $41,221.89. Check #7931 to Creative Lawn and Landscaping was voided, since $200 of it had already been paid in last month’s bills.  After a brief explanation of said invoices it was motioned by Steele, seconded by Lotter to pay bills. Motion carried with 5 yes votes.

New Business: 
Be it resolved that 2018 wages for elected and appointed officials remain the same as 2017. I (Kaitlyn) did a roll call vote with Greg Lotter-yes, Bob Steele-yes, Eleanor Kilmer-yes, Kaitlyn Burgess-yes and Bob Cook-yes.

Brad Firmingham was present to request selling raffle tickets to help buy the chemicals to clean up Shay Lake. He started off by mentioning that the bridge is going to be taken out right after Memorial Day. This year they spent 3,207.20 to get the chemicals for 2018. He wants to sell the tickets for $5.00 a piece. They are giving away a flat screen TV for first place, a $50.00 cash prize for second place, and a $25.00 cash prize for third place. They want to sell at least 250 tickets. A company he contacted told him that they would treat the lake for $17,000. He does have a 51C3 that was approved in July 2016, and has a copy if anyone would like to see it. Brad said he has two licenses to apply the chemicals, an applicator license and an aquatic license. He uses his pontoon boat. Eleanor mentioned that she is not against this event, but would like to get something in writing stating that it is a one-time thing and that they won’t do anything other than sell raffle tickets, because a gaming license can cover many things. Bob Cook said that he also would like the letter notarized. Greg Lotter rephrased what Eleanor said and stated that it should be specific, and that way if another group came in when Brad and Tom and everyone was done, nothing bad would happen. Brad explained that the license does expire after the event is over. Greg said that he would also like them to print off a copy of the form that they filled out online stating that this is a one-time event. Brad said that he will get the papers over to Bob tomorrow (02-06-18) or the next day. Eleanor explained that we are just covering ourselves. Bob Cook said that he thinks the best way to handle this is for them to get us the paperwork first, and then we will vote on it. Brad asked if that means that they have to wait until the next meeting, and Bob said yes.

Bob brought up the budget workshop and budget hearing. Eleanor said that the hearing has to be by the end of the month in March so that it gets in place by April 1st. She also informed us that she is going to Myrtle Beach by the 19th of March, and probably leaving the 17th. Greg asked what day would work the best for Eleanor, and they came up with Friday March 16th at 5 p.m. for the workshop, and Saturday the 31st at 9 a.m. for the hearing.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Bob Cook, motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.