Bob Cook .......Supervisor; Tony Shaver …..Clerk; Eleanor Kilmer…..Treasurer;

Bob Steele…..Trustee; Greg Lotter…..Trustee



Proposed Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting

February 8, 2019


1.      New Business-Garbage Contract

A.    Fee Collection - The board had been looking for definite answer on weather or not they could charge residents a fee for garbage collections on the tax bills. After consulting with the Township’s attorney, Lehn King from the Township’s CPA, the MTA, and the Assessor’s attorney.  There is nothing saying the township can and nothing saying the township cannot. The board takes the stance if it is not broke don’t fix it-the board sees that it is appropriate to continue charging the garbage fee on the tax bills as well as increasing the fee as the garbage rate increases. If anyone is not ok with it they can have it removed from their tax bill and not receive trash pickup.

B.     Waste Management Bill Credit - The Township had been paying for 1,059 units-but will be receiving a credit of the 37 units that are over the 1,022 that the township actually has back to January. This can be adjusted at the beginning of the year each year.

C.     Tax Bill Collections - The amount on tax bill due on 2/28/19 $125.00 is for the garbage collection year 2019. The township has an issue with delinquent taxes because of the lake properties and therefore township does not collect the garbage fee on those.

D.    Midway – Charges $12.80 but not able to take our contract at the time with short notice.

E.     Budget Shortage – For 2019 the Township has already billed $127,750 for Garbage however the Garbage Bills for the year will be $188,670.08 so there will be a shortage of $59,910.38. Board needs to determine before tax bills this fall how to recoup the $59,910.38 that will be short for the year.

F.      Approve Contract – Motion to approve Waste Management contract for 3 years motioned by Bob Steele seconded by Eleanor Kilmer. Roll Call Vote taken. Lotter-I, Steele-I, Kilmer-I, Shaver-I, Cook-I. Motion Carried.

G.    Adjournment – Motioned to Adjourn by Shaver at 5:22 pm