Regular Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Stacy Phillips, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel where present.

Minutes from the May 4, 2015 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with Stacy abstaining.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Mrs. Hiles had a question about a blight issue and if Bob was still currently taking care of blight.  Bob informed her that he was still taking care of blight and to see him after the meeting to discuss the issue.

REPORT:  Jay Tuckey from the Tuscola County Road Commission was present to inform the board and floor of the decision to take care of the road side spraying for the entire Township at no cost to us.  The county has chosen one township every year and this year it will be Dayton Township.  He also informed everyone that per the article in the Advertiser if any resident does not want their property sprayed they need to call the Tuscola County Road Commission and request a form to be filled out by the 15th of June.  If any resident should have any questions about the type of chemicals used in the spray then they need to contact Kappen Tree Service for this information.  The spraying will start mid June so again all request forms to not spray your property need to be filled out and returned to the county by the 15th of June, forms can be picked up at the Tuscola County Road Commission.

Bob also commented that he talked with some of the other supervisors that had the road side spraying performed and they were very happy with the results. 

MAYVILLE LIBRARY:  Gail Cook was present to give their report; last meeting was on the 14th of April.  The library received a grant from the Arlene Western Fund and one from a private party which helped digitize some of their information/books.  They will also have some upcoming events taking place during the Sunflower Festival, such as Primed to Paint and a silent auction.

PLANNING COMMISSION:   Doug Graham was present to inform the board and floor that there has not been any new information, but their next meeting is in two weeks and they will continue with the surveys at that meeting.  They will also then start working on tabulating the information so that it will be available to the board.

ZONING ADMINSTRATOR:  Bob commented that he received a land division for the property of Dave Harp  and that he was helping his wife with this process after Dave’s passing.

BLIGHT ENFORCEMENT OFFICER:   Bob stated that he had 4 different issues that he had taken care of last month and each of them had run very smooth with no problems.  All the residents worked with him to satisfy their issues.   Bob stated that he was very happy with how residents get along and help each other with their particular situations dealing with blight.  He also commented that he would like to “Thank” all the residents for helping out.

CEMETERY:  Eleanor stated that all the flags were placed on the graves for Memorial Day.  She also had some complaints that were brought to her attention such as; Robert Woods’s headstone at West Dayton needs repaired and Debbie Harp would like the cemetery mowed for Saturday due to a service.  Eleanor also said that she had some complaints about the lawn mowing.

 TRUSTEE:  No report.

SUPERVISOR:  Bob attended the supervisors meeting at the Tuscola County Road Commission two weeks ago and there were 14 supervisors in attendance.  There was real good information from the road commissioners and the supervisors.  He also stated that at that time was when they informed him that Dayton Township would get the road side spraying.  Finally Bob commented that the dust control should be taking place this week.

TREASURER:  There was an income of $542.16 due to zoning, a cemetery space, etc.  There were expenses of $61,455.11 due to road invoice, garbage, payroll, DTE, BS&A support, etc.  The current totals in checking $6,593.29, money market $142,165.90, and the face value of the CD’s are $211,269.69 with a total of all accounts $360,028.88.

Eleanor also stated that the tax bills will be going out by the first of July.

ASSESSOR:  Joan was present and commented that everything was finalized with the Township and County from the last collection of taxes and all went well.

CLERK:  There are invoices to be paid in the amount of $67,528.49 with the AUTO EFT and check #7207 thru #7234.  After a brief explanation of the invoices it was motioned by Steele and seconded by Kilmer to pay the bills.  Motion carried with 5 yes.

Stacy also informed the board that the county canvassers’ had randomly chosen the township to be audited from the last election and this will take place at the hall on June 23rd.

  At this time the board has to adopt the new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) procedures and guidelines to their Policy and Procedure Manual.  With no other discussion there was a motion by Steele and seconded by Kilmer to adopt the new FOIA procedures and guidelines.  Motion carried with 4 yes and Satchel No.  Roll call vote to follow: Steele – Yes, Satchel – No, Kilmer – Yes, Phillips – Yes, Cook – Yes

Meeting was then motioned for adjournment at 8:20 p.m.