Dayton Township
Planning Commission Minutes
June 17, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm by Travis Klimek.

Present were Bob Steele, Doug Graham, Ernie Coleman, and Travis Klimek.

Absent were Hilary Slusher, Chris Yens, and Ralph Mock.

Minutes from April 15, 2019 was handed out and a motioned for approval was made by Ernie Coleman, seconded by Doug Graham. With all in favor, Motion carried.

Public Comment: Bob Cook mentioned some vehicles have been moved out of the township that were blight issues.

Zoning Administrator: Bob Cook was present. 5 pole barns and 2 dwellings were permitted. Also there was 2 land divisions. 

New Business: None

Ongoing Business: Article 8 was discussed. Motion made by Bob Steele to accept Article 8 with no changes, Seconded by Ernie Coleman. With all in favor, Motion carried.

Article 9 was also discussed. Motion to accept with no changes was made by Ernie Coleman and seconded by Doug Graham.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be August 19, 2019.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Doug Graham, seconded by Ernie Coleman at 7:50pm. Motion carried.

Minutes taken by Bob Steele.