DAYTON TOWNSHIP Regular Meeting Minutes June 2, 2014 Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.  Members Bob Cook, Stacy Phillips, Eleanor Kilmer, Bob Steele and James Satchel were present. Minutes from the May 5, 2014 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Kilmer.  Motion carried with 5 yes. Public Comment:  Robert Mantey the drain commissioner was present to explain to the board and floor his request for a resolution to allow his office to continue with the cleaning project of the Sucker Creek Drain.  It is required that they have this resolution in place to allow them to continue to use the contingency money that they currently have from the 1997 Petition Project.  There is enough contingency money to complete this job and still have some funding left over for the needed maintenance for the next couple of years, so there would not be any need for an assessment. Rod Merten questioned about having the list of invoices and budgets available at every meeting for the residents in attendance to view.  Bob stated that they will be available at next month’s meeting. Henry Harris wanted to know if Bob had heard anything in regards to the culvert at Fernwood Dr. Bob had stated that there would be a new culvert installed as soon as the road commission is available in our area to perform the work. Leo commented if Bob had a problem with having a land line phone in his home so that residents could reach him.  Bob stated that his cell number is available to any and all residents and there does not seem to be a problem with any resident getting this number.  It is available on the web site and as on the bulletin board at the hall. County Commissioner:  Christine Trisch was not available for the meeting but she had phoned Bob and asked that he let the board and floor know that the mosquito abatement tax would not be on the ballot this year due to the fact that they currently have a surplus of money in this account. Planning Commission:  Doug Graham was present; and he commented that they will be meeting on the 16th of June at 7:30 p.m., and at this meeting it is their intention to discuss the master plan and the survey that they have been working on.  This survey will be mailed to all residents to determine what they would like to see for the future of the township. Zoning Administrator:  Bob issued 2 permits, one for an addition and a pole barn. Blight EnforcementOfficer:  The current issue that Bob has been working on in Shay Lake has been turned over to Mike Urbans’ Company, and he has made 4 different attempts to issue the homeowner a ticket with no success.  They are currently looking into another way of delivering this ticket such as the possibility of taping it to their door.  Bob stated that he is not sure if this is an option, he is waiting to hear what they can do now. Bob also commented that he has received a couple of complaints in regards to a homeowner on Birch Dr. in Shay Lake, that has been leaving large quantities of garbage at the curb side that was not in bags or containers.  
He stated that this issue should be resolved because he has spoken to the homeowner a few times, and if it is not resolved then he will have to issue a violation. Cemetery:    There were four burials and Eleanor sold three spaces.    Bob then commented that he, Eleanor, Ron Gromak and the Fritz’s will have a meeting to discuss the sale of the one acre for West Dayton Cemetery.  The Fritz family would like to discuss the survey and where the markers are located. They would like this acre marked to actually extend farther south so they will all meet to discuss what to do with this matter. Trustees:  No report. Supervisor:  Bob commented that he attended the county road commission meeting that was scheduled for township supervisors and the road commission board.  The main topic of this meeting was for the road commission board to give a report to the supervisors in regards to the $25,000 allowance.  Bob also stated that the gravel contracts have been received and this will include some patch work for the following roads: Harmon Lake Rd., Maple Grove Rd., Plain Rd, Vogt Rd., Phelps Lake Rd., and Pattison Rd. Ralph Mock then asked the question when will the township roads get chloride.  Bob stated with in this next week the roads should be sprayed.  Treasurer:  There is an income of $5,060.40 due to fire runs, interest on a CD, and the sale of cemetery spaces.  Expenses of $61,181.22 due to roads, garbage, wages, etc., and the total of accounts are as follows:  $7,071.21 checking, $156,433.92 money market, $211,269.69 face value of CD’s with a total on hand of $374,774.82. Eleanor also stated that the summer taxes will be mailed out soon. Clerk:  Invoices to be paid with the AUTO EFT, check #6934 - #6955 in the amount of $22,044.80 due to garbage, wages, utilities, etc. James then questioned what the expense reimbursement was for, that Stacy collected she explained it was half of her phone, internet and mileage to the post office. He then wanted to know what the invoice was for to Reliable Office Supply.  Stacy then had stated it was for ink cartridges for the townships printer that she uses and the invoice was available if he needed to look at it.   After an explanation of said invoices it was motioned by Steele and seconded by Kilmer to pay the bills.  Motion carried with 5 yes. Stacy then explained to the board and floor that there has been 6 or 7 FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests in the last few months and the resident has received just over 200 pages of information.  James questioned why Stacy was informing the board and floor about this that it was a FOIA request, and that the resident had a right to request the documents.  Bob stated that he thought the residents should be made aware that some of their information has been given to the resident. Finally Stacy informed the board that the clerk's documents along with the treasurer's documents will be given to the accountant on the 3rd of June for the township audit to be performed.  New Business:  The resolution for the Sucker Creek Drain was then motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Satchel. Motion carried with a roll call vote to follow:  Steele – Yes, Satchel – Yes, Kilmer – Yes, Phillips – Yes, Cook – Yes.  At this time there was a motion for adjournment at 9:10 p.m.