Bob Cook .......Supervisor; Tony Shaver …..Clerk; Eleanor Kilmer…..Treasurer;
Bob Steele…..Trustee; Greg Lotter…..Trustee Bob Steele

Regular Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2019

 1.Call to order with pledge to the Flag-Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

2.Minutes of Previous Meeting – Motion to approve minutes for previous meeting made by Steele, seconded by Lotter, motion carried.

3.Public Comment –

4450 Lee Hill Flooding – Bob will take a look and call first 989-843-0094
Chantiny road is bad – all roads are bad after the excessive rain
Question about blight notices
Question about trees falling in road – Landowner is responsible
Shay Lake road has deep hole – will be replaced north of the church
Phelps Lake road culvert – flagged – lot of issues to deal with
Phelps Lake and Plain – going from mud to asphalt
Freemont resident Victoria Bennet requested to speak about an issue that crosses borders into Dayton Township. Lives at north end of Cat Lake road, which is maintained by Dayton – one of the ditches just before getting to the Freemont Drain is not draining. She has cleared all of her ditch of debris but the section just before the drain will not drain the last 6 acres of frontage. We will look into this issue.         


County Commissioner-No report     
Ambulance-Glenn Fox Reported on the 4/9 meeting
Library – Mayville-Gail Cook Reported on the 4/9 meeting
Planning Commission-Travis Klemik reported on the 4/15 meeting
Zoning Administrator-1 Land Divisions, 2 Dwelling Permit, 5 Pole Barn
Blight Enforcement Officer-issued some blight notices
Cemetery-0 Burials, Eleanor did get the flags out, we typically put new flags every year, looking for someone that will volunteer to put out flags, need some trees cut at the new part.
Assessor-No Report
Trustees-Steele thanked Glenn Fox and Travis Klemik for helping Steele and Cook haul many tires out of a ditch for the tire drive.  


Roads Flooding-we got about 4-6 inches of rain, Hurds Corner washed out on the hill by Pape’s-it will be open this week (not paved yet). The new Culvert held. There are several culverts out along sucker creek drain. Be cautious of crossing culverts because they might be gone and road will give out. The flood did $4.2 million in damage in Tuscola County. Bob received two thank you’s which are much appreciated. 
Road Commission Meeting-It was a long meeting that was mostly taken up by the flood discussion.
Tire Drive-We received more tires than expected. We filled the trailer and had about another half trailer that they accommodated us with taking.


Financial Report- Eleanor read financial report.  


Expense Report-Tony read the expense report totaling $56,086.90. Motion to pay bills made by Steele, seconded by Lotter. The Motion Carried.  

8.Unfinished Business-None

9.New Business-None

10.Adjourn-Motion to Adjourn by Steele, motion carried at 7:45PM