Proposed Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. with the pledge to the flag. Members Bob Cook, Eleanor Kilmer, Amanda Gusek, Bob Steele and Greg Lotter were present.   

 Minutes from the April 17, 2017 meeting were motioned for approval by Steele and seconded by Lotter. Motion carried with 5 yes.     

Public Comment: Travis was present gave report on questions.

Ambulance:   Glenn Fox was present, no report.

Mayville Library: Gail was present, no report.

Planning Commission: Travis was present and gave report. No questions 

Zoning Administrator:   Bob reported no permits issued this month.  There was also a land use violation and building codes red tagged it. The owner had removed the red tag which can be a misdemeanor. There were no permits for the porches that were built on the home. The County and SCMCCI are out working.  Please pull your permits, they are $20.00 for a land use permit and $40.00 for a dwelling permit.

Blight Officer: Bob also reported there was a zoning violation issued on blight and this is the third year Bob had to deal with them and he issued appropriate paperwork on them.

Cemetery:   There were two burials in the West Dayton Cemetery in May.

 Assessor:  Joan was not present.  

Mayville Police Department: Mayville Chief of police Tony Coln and Kingston Chief Gary Fini, Steve Surette Trustee of Mayville, Barbara Valentine Mayville Village President, Terry Blackmer Mayville Assistant Fire Chief, and Berry Marquardt Mayville School superintendent were present.

This all started with the latest fatal car accident we have had in the township. They would like to help in our township. Tony gave a PresentationOverview

·         Mayville Police Department

·         Police Chief is Responsible for the Police Department Oversight of department’s operation, budgeting and personnel, Production and development of department policies and regulations, Service level recommendations, Coordination with Village Councils/Township Board.

·         Police Sergeant oversees the Kingston Office

Day to day operations, Oversight of Officers, Court Paperwork

Police Officers Fully trained and state certified

 Contract Philosophy

 ·         This is the Township’s police department, provided by you, with the Mayville Police Department as your partner.

·         Our role is to provide you with a contract structure and information so that you can effectively design police services that best fits your needs.

·         The Township Board sets local priorities and determines the levels and types of service that the Mayville Police Department will provide.

Example Priorities - Reduce the crime and fear of crime, Traffic Enforcement, Reduce Response Times

Solutions - Schedule for maximum visibility. Focus on "hot spots"; alter shifts to meet needs. Dedicated traffic car; Watch trends for peak call volume and focus on "hot spots".


                                                               Cost Model Basics

The cost of ($46,635.70) includes all the necessary to do the job.

·         Police Officer (40 hours per week)

·         Insurance, uniforms & equipment, vehicle, training.

·         Administrative support (police records, pay roll, evidence, ect.)

·         Liability for police actions in assumed by the Mayville Police Department.

That’s a per capita cost of less than 7 cents per resident per day!

Benefits to the Township residents

·         Faster Response times

·         Visibility which leads to crime reduction

·         Traffic enforcement

·         School students familiar with us

·         Having a voice in police services


·  We believe this is a partnership that will help to bring a whole new level of service and peace of mind to your residents.

·  You will have the ability to make changes to meet the goals you set for the township.

Thank you very much for coming in and talking with us.

We will have to place a mileage on the ballot, we do not have the funding for this.

Trustee: Bob Steele reported that the Road Commission installed two new cross tubes on Mayville Road prior to new asphalt this summer.

Supervisor: We have had a couple of calls regarding dust control (chloride). It was scheduled with the Road Commission and the Road Commission graded the roads to prepare for dust control. Weather looked good, they spread the chloride and then we had two inches of rain, but they are holding up good. Bob found out the neighbors were going to have manure spreaders in the area on that Monday so Bob asked Wilkinson's not to spread dust control until they are done. They did so which saved the Township alot of money. By the way please keep Jim McMinn and Mary Harp in your prayers. Ernest Coleman is doing well. 

Treasurer: reported income of $1,658.08 and expenses of $20,009.43 for a balance on hand of $297,647.58 there is $9,885.60 in the checking. There is $86,492.29 in money market account and a CD face value of $201,269.69.   

Clerk: Invoice to be paid with the AUTO EFT and checks#7754-7772 in the amount of $20,113.35.  After a brief explanation of said invoices it was motioned by Steele, seconded by Lotter to pay bills. Motion carried with 5 yes. 

New Business: None

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Lotter, motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.