Bob Cook .......Supervisor; Nancy Shaver …..Deputy Clerk; Eleanor Kilmer…..Treasurer; Bob Steele…..Trustee; Greg Lotter…..Trustee Bob Steele

Proposed Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2019

1.Call to order with pledge to the Flag-Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm

2.Minutes of Previous Meeting – Motion to approve minutes for previous meeting made by Steele with a correction, seconded by Lotter, motion carried.

3.Public Comment – A FOIA request was presented to Clerk Shaver by resident Rick Seidler


County Commissioner-No Report

Ambulance-No Report

Library – Mayville-Gail presented report from last meeting

Planning Commission-Travis Reported on 10/21 meeting Township has no control over exotic animals, mentioned need for hall having a map to display for public. Next meeting 12/10. Question was asked about measurements on Solar Farms. Travis has it written somewhere.  

Zoning Administrator-0 Land Divisions, 0 Dwelling Permit, 1 Pole Barn Permits
Blight Enforcement Officer- Bob had addresses for 10 and sent each a copy of our blight ordinance and wrote a statement on the back of each asking them to contact him before we took it any further. He has had one response from those so far. Long discussion was held about the difficulty of getting people to clean up blight and the lack of ability that the township has to enforce the cleanup. There was discussion of the Shay Lake association assisting the township in the enforcement of blight within the association.  

Cemetery-No Burials. Question was asked about the price of a plot. $200 for resident for 1 space, you can place one body or 4 cremains, price is $400 for non-resident

Assessor-No Report

Trustees-Roads are in rough shape

5.Supervisor- Roads- Not much can be done with the roads being so wet. The hole on the sucker creek culvert was patched but is starting to give again.
Road Millage-Millage Increase (for 3/10/20 ballot) Motion Lotter Second Shaver; Roll Call Vote Lotter-Yes, Steele-Yes, Kilmer-Yes, Shaver-Yes, Cook-Yes. Millage Renewal Motion (for 11/3/20 ballot) Lotter Second Steele; Roll Call Vote Lotter-Yes, Steele-Yes, Kilmer-Yes, Shaver-Yes, Cook-Yes 


Financial Report- Eleanor read financial report.   


Expense Report-Tony read the expense report totaling $23,912.84. Motion to pay bills made by Steele, seconded by Lotter. The Motion Carried.  

8.Unfinished Business-None

9.New Business-None

10.Adjourn-Motion to Adjourn by Steele, motion carried at 7:50PM​