JANUARY 30, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Travis Klimek

Present were Ralph Mock, Ernie Coleman, Chris Yens, Hilary Slusher, Doug Graham, Bob Steele,
Bob Cook, and Travis  Klimek.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Jeremy Bower  had  concerns about  not  knowing they lived in a zoned L 1 Light Industrial area.

Bob Cook explained that it had been zoned that way since 1997.

Helix Patrick Maguire does not want a solar farm near the road, he feels it will be an eye sore and  impact land values.

Rick Siedler wanted to know exactly how many acres and the lot lines of the LI district is in our township.

Le Ann Bower wanted to know the name of the solar company contacting residents in our township and the Board informed her it was Cypress Creek Renewables. She also wanted to know how far the solar farms have to be from homes. The Board told her at least 90 feet away.

Greg Loder wanted to know if a contract had been signed between any of our residents and a solar farm company. The Board informed him that there has not been a contract signed at  this time.

Kevin Vaughan was speaking in place of his parents Paul and Sherry Vaughan. They do not want solar farms in our township and was wondering if the PA 16  that is in place for another 40 years would it affect solar farms from coming in.

Bob Cook explained that PA 16 doesn't have anything to do with the L 1 district.

Mitch LaBair announced that he had been contacted by a solar farm company and that he is trying to follow the guidelines to put it on his property in the L1 not  agriculture.

Travis Klimek read the guidelines in our ordinances for the Light Industrial District for the public and

 Bob Cook read a rundown of what can go on Light Industrial.

Orlando Loder wanted to know the exact size of Ll and was wondering how the survey that the Planning Commission sent   out last year  to our   residents would affect our board members vote. The Board told him that we want what the majority of the people want in our township and that it would affect  our voting.

Kim Vaughan agreed that we have to have a place in our township for solar farms but stated that we can have set backs on what they do, in which Travis told him we already have set backs in place in our L1 district.

Travis received a call from Mitch LaBair in which he was wondering what the time limit of the bond would have to be if he moved forward with a solar company. The Board informed him that a bond would have to be included with a proposal. He was also informed that if the Solar farm was not used for 12 months that a letter would be sent out from the township and the company would have 90 days from the date of letter to have the panels torn down.

A motion was made by Chris Yens to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ralph Mock. Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm