FEBRUARY 20, 2017                                    

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Travis Klimek.

Present were Ralph Mock, Ernie Coleman, Chris Yens, Hilary Slusher, Doug Graham,

Bob Steele, Bob Cook, and Travis Klimek.

Travis informed the public that the rules of how the public meeting shall be ran were posted in the Township Hall and he also went over them aloud.

The Request to Amend was read aloud to the public.

PUBLIC  COMMENT:  Jeremy Bower asked if the Board knew the dimensions of the Ll district. Travis told him that the lot lines are 2640x760x2640x760 with 2640 ft of it being road frontage. The total acres are 106.67.

LeAnn Bower asked where the 3 phase power was that the solar farm would need and she was told it was at the railroad tracks. She was also concerned that if a solar farm does come in that it might someday be left abandoned. Chris informed her that #6 on the Request to Amend would cover the clean up if need be. LeAnn was also interested to know if a solar farm does come in if they will put a barrier up between the farm and the surrounding homes and properties. Bob Cook told her she could request some type of barrier to the solar company if a site plan is ever introduced.

Tim Dawson is very concerned about his property values if a solar farm does come in to the Ll district.

Doug announced to the public that an LI district has to be level, dry, have 3 phase power, and on a major road.

Chris informed the public that only 40 percent of the LI district could be used. He also said that a court order would be needed to assess to tax roll.

Elizabeth Hyles asked if the lines running from the solar panels to the 3 phase power would be buried and Bob Cook told her they would be. She also wondered if a solar farm came in if that would stop any other renewable energy sources such as wind turbines from coming in and it would be cause there wouldn't be enough room.

Bob Cook let the public know that solar companies are out there prospecting and contacting other land owners in the township.

Ralph asked what the taxes would be on a solar farm and because this would be the first solar farm in our township that information is unknown at this time.

Mitch LaBair said that the solar company that would be leasing the property for a  solar
farm would be at a board meeting to answer any questions if the time ever comes.

Bob Steele made a motion to adjourn the meeting , seconded buy Chris Yens, meeting adjourned at 7:38pm.